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Permit to Work (PTW) Software by viAct

viAct’s HSE Software brings AI powered digital permit-to-work to empower HSE teams to efficiently manage compliance for enhancing overall safety protocols and project efficiency

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Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2022.png

Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2022

Technology Pioneer 2023 by the World Economic Forum.png

Technology Pioneer 2023 by the World Economic Forum

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Google Startups for Sustainability Development

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Deloitte Technology Fast Company 2023 Hong Kong

Top50 ConTech Startups 2020 by CEMEX Ventures.png

Top50 ConTech Startups 2020 by CEMEX Ventures

Sector Winner SLINGSHOT2021 by Enterprise Singapore.png

Sector Winner SLINGSHOT2021 by Enterprise Singapore

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Top 6 Finalist Nominated in Austria’s josef umdasch research prize 2022

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Leading PropTech 50(China Region)


Projects lose as much as $541 billion worth of resources per year in seeking physical meetings for permissions


Exclusive Permit-to-Work by viAct


 Hot Work Permit


Cold Work Permit


Confined Space Entry Permit


Electrical Work Permit


Excavation Permit


General Work Permit


Lifting Work Permit


Road Closure Permit

Complaint and Standardized with industry Codes of Practice for

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Oil & Gas







Struggling with Work Clearance Management (WCM) in your Project?

Stop using multiple solutions!
The all-in-one HSE Solution you need: Easy-to-Implement: viAct’s PTW

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Why choose viAct's Permit-to-Work software for your critical Job Risk Assessment?

IMG-Simplify the permit creation process with ease (1).png

Simplify the permit creation process with ease

Issuing work permits to workers or contractors becomes effortless by creating or customizing work permits with ease

Improved monitoring of permit activities.png

Improved monitoring of permit activities

Gain a comprehensive overview of all permit operations to ensure optimal compliance with schedules and safety standards

IMG-Manage permit activities on the move.png

Manage permit activities on the move

Stay connected and make permit updates from virtually anywhere using a mobile phone or tablet

IMG-Manage permit activities on the move-1.png

Speed up the approval process

Eliminate delays and quickly move from issuing permits to gaining authorization and starting work within minutes

Key features of viAct Permit-to-Work Software (PTW) powered by AI

Digital Permit Management on moves

Manage permits digitally, reducing paperwork and enabling easy access and retrieval of permit information through

IMG-Digital Permit Management on moves.png

Site Diary

IMG-Real-time Authorization with digital signatures.png

Real-time Authorization with digital signatures

Obtain real-time authorization for work permits, ensuring that work can commence promptly once all requirements are met

Automated Risk & Conflict Assessment

Conduct and document risk assessments as part of the permit issuance process, ensuring that potential hazards are identified and mitigated

IMG-Automated Risk & Conflict Assessment.png
IMG-Instant Labour Qualification Verification.png

Instant Labour Qualification Verification

Verify workers' qualifications and certifications to ensure they are qualified to perform the work safely before allocating permits

Quick Equipment Checks & Inspections

Check equipment conditions, certifications, maintenance and calibration records instantly to ensure that only safe and compliant equipment is used for the job

IMG-Quick Equipment Checks & Inspections.png

Labour Return Records​

IMG-Easy-to-Use Mobile Access for Approvals.png

Easy-to-Use Mobile Access for Approvals

Access the PTW system from mobile devices, enabling supervisors to manage permits and approvals on the go

Intuitive Compliance Tracking

Track compliance with safety regulations and permit conditions, ensuring that work is conducted safely and legally

IMG-Intuitive Compliance Tracking.png
IMG-Exclusive Audit Trail Facility.png

Exclusive Audit Trail Facility

Maintain an audit trail of all permit-related activities, providing transparency and accountability in the permit issuance process.

viAct DWSS Complies with Government Initiative

Hong Kong Government’s Construction 2.0.png

Hong Kong Government’s Construction 2.0 initiative

Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM).png

Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Complies with Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) 

Hong Kong Government’s Smart Site Safety System (SSSS).png

Hong Kong Government’s Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) Initiative 

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 initiative.png

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 initiative

Post Deployment Benefits to your HSE team

7 hours

Saves 7 hours of daily time spent on paperwork permits & multi-level approvals


Decreased Authorization Delays


Improved Risk Assessment Compliance

Feeling lost in the endless trap of outdated approval processes?

Get viAct’s AI powered Permit-to-Work System now!

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