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Digital Works Supervision System​ (DWSS) by viAct

An exclusive Field Management Software that offers real-time monitoring and control of construction activities, enhancing project efficiency and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

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Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2022

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Technology Pioneer 2023 by the World Economic Forum

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Google Startups for Sustainability Development

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Deloitte Technology Fast Company 2023 Hong Kong

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Top50 ConTech Startups 2020 by CEMEX Ventures

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Sector Winner SLINGSHOT2021 by Enterprise Singapore

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Top 6 Finalist Nominated in Austria’s josef umdasch research prize 2022

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Leading PropTech 50(China Region)


More than 50% of the reworks in construction sites occur due to lack of transparency, impaired collaboration & communication

Which issues in the construction industry does viAct DWSS solves?


Safety Breaches

viAct’s DWSS brings transparency in the workflow to improve site quality, prevent safety breaches by monitoring compliances activities through AI powered dashboard for mobile devices​ fostering trust and collaboration among stakeholders


Collaboration & Communication

viAct’s DWSS creates an easy-to-use platform connecting all users & devices to make a collaborate​d overview of jobsite with the field management software to improve stakeholder engagement


Real time Decision Making

viAct’s DWSS automates the reporting processes, ensuring accurate and real time analytics of compliance data enabling project managers to make informed decisions quickly for better project outcomes

Tired using multiple Construction Softwares for holistic site inspection?

viAct DWSS - The Only Construction Software You Need

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Key features of viAct Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) powered by AI

RISC​ (Request for Inspection/Survey Check​)


Enhance accountability through approval workflows and tracking of corrective actions through computer vision to customize workflows to suit multiple site and approval processes.

Automatically assign unique numbers to forms following DWSS standards and
maintain a record of changes history for auditing purposes through viHUB dashboard.

Digitally sign forms,
export forms to PDF or Excel following RISC DWSS standardized formats and archive them for easy retrieval.

Survey Check​).png
Site Diary.png

Site Diary


Record field data instantly and automatically create site diaries to keep all stakeholders informed about project progress through instant alerts & notification.

Combine reports from different departments to
ensure data accuracy and efficient site oversight through viAct dashboard.

Submit reports using customizable workflows with
adjustable modification permissions at each stage.

Site Safety Inspection Records​


Perform digital site safety inspections through computer vision powered scenario-based AI

Assign immediate corrective actions through alerts and
real time non-conformity notification to ensure timely follow-up on corrective or preventive actions.
Automatically generate safety reports from viHUB dashboard to
analyze safety observations to assess frequency, common sources, and correlations.

Site Safety Inspection Records​.png
Cleansing Inspection Checklists​.png

Cleansing Inspection Checklists​


Tailor cleansing workflows to suit different site and approval processes and to maintain a record of stage history changes for auditing purposes

Sign forms digitally,
Export forms to PDF or Excel using your mobile device for any cleansing process form

Labour Return Records​


Access site diary reports and view monthly workforce summaries through our user-friendly dashboard (viHUB) to improve labour allocation and enhance team management transparency.

Quickly generate
monthly reports for Site Labour Deployment (Form GF 527)

Utilize configurable charts for
quick analysis of records on the dashboard & improve work supervision efficiency

Labour Return Records​.png

viAct DWSS Complies with Government Initiative

Hong Kong Government’s Construction 2.0.png

Hong Kong Government’s Construction 2.0 initiative

Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM).png

Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Complies with Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) 

Hong Kong Government’s Smart Site Safety System (SSSS).png

Hong Kong Government’s Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) Initiative 

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 initiative.png

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 initiative

Post Deployment Statistics


Cheaper than humanized construction work supervision


Efficient Construction Labour Management


Improved Site Inspection

Looking for an ALL-IN-ONE Field Management Software for your Construction Project?

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