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"Top 10 Construction technology trends in 2019"

Updated: Jul 15, 2020


Top 10 construction technology (ConTech) in 2019 global. 2019 is supposed to a breakthrough year for the construction industry. During the last year, construction technology investment has grown by 30% and equals to $1.05bn. The total value of the sector is expected to exceed $10trn by 2020.

- Computer vision

Computer vision (CV) technology is supposed to be the most potential technology revolution in modern industry since traditional working inspection is conducted by human inspectors. What human can see, machine can learn from, which triggered last years computer vision technology booming in industry level.

- Augmented reality

AR, which is another branch type of computer vision, is separately considered since current AR technology has been utilised not only in gaming, but also in medical, construction and manufacturing.

- Construction software and Data ecosystem

Real-time collaboration with professional construction industry software, integrate data platform with each other to mitigate the gap of data transfer.

- BIM Building information modelling

Catalyst of fundamental change in construction industry

- Modular construction

Standardized processes to transport, assemble and upload construction materials under digitalization.

- Self-healing concretes

Material science revolution in the industry

- Drones

Self-navigated drones can monitor the view that no man could possibly see.

- Robotics

Uploading and moving construction materials needs robotics development.

- Cloud and mobile technology

Mobile can leverage the cloud technology anywhere anytime

- Wearable technology

Using sensors for industry human and machine status or behavior is the top trend since it provides accuracy and precision, which is the most important need for industry.

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