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Top 5 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Provider 2018

Updated: Nov 20, 2019


Manufacturing leaders are looking for dynamic and easier ways to enhance their business initiatives by improving products, services, and processes. With enterprise manufacturing intelligence, businesses can ensure that workers get access to best possible information and tools that would enable them to perform their jobs efficiently and achieve results.

- Denison consulting group

Denison technologies analyzes, monitors, and improves industrial and large commercial power and energy. Many power quality events are measured in milliseconds and microseconds and are often missed by plant personnel. These events stress core and costly plant assets, leading to production failures, and cost manufacturers millions per hour in unplanned downtime. Denison’s suite of solutions measure, analyze, and report these power events to help identify the root cause of failure and engineer a solution. Our recommendations for improving power quality have increased the useful life of costly plant assets and reduced production failures in dozens of plants. For those customers who continuously monitor power quality and energy, it's common to see a reduction in energy costs of 20 percent or more, impacting plant reliability, operations efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

- VIACT AI is the construction AI solution provided by Customindz, a Hong Kong SAR based startup, who strongly focused on computer vision in modern toB industry. Viact AI is the first computer vision plus machine learning platform for their targeted construction companies, contractors and stakeholders. Viact AI uses IP cameras to help contractors monitor, inspect and report worker behaviors and any other abnormally during construction. The company has been invested by many world-renown accelerators and has collaborated with many local construction consulting companies and contractors.

- Fluxa

Fluxa is redefining drug development and manufacturing for life sciences using modern digital technologies. Our mission is to accelerate the speed to market for new therapies by helping drug development and manufacturing organizations harness the power of collaboration and data across sites, functions, and processes. We do this by providing software that is user-focused, domain-specific, and built on the latest digital technologies. Our deep understanding of how life science companies develop and manufacture drugs means that our applications are designed to fit seamlessly into the drug development and manufacturing process. Our products are based on modern technology architectures that enable easy scaling and provide the flexibility to integrate with other systems, giving your organization a holistic way of managing a drug’s lifecycle.

- Icuro

ICURO, an enterprise AI use cases accelerating new business growth outcomes. ICURO implements full-stack artificial intelligence systems for enterprise use cases in multiple industries. These are complete working systems, not parts of a solution, from semiconductor processors, accelerators, sensors, and trained neural networks.

The AI systems we build enable you to validate use cases and refine your intelligent enterprise strategy prior to full scale deployment.

Quartic places the power of AI directly in the hands of plant subject matter experts (SMEs) with their complete Smart Industry platform for process manufacturing industries implementing digital transformation with AI and IIoT. allows manufacturers to extract more value from legacy infrastructure and build Industry 4.0 factories. enables plant SMEs to create and deploy AI applications to significantly increase productivity and operational performance. was founded by a veteran team of process manufacturing and reliability experts, in conjunction with data scientists to make AI deployment easy, to integrate seamlessly with OT systems, and to provide distributed learning at the Edge, Fog and in the cloud.

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