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viAct and Autodesk Exploring New Opportunities: Digitalizing Construction Monitoring Process

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

viAct and Autodesk Exploring New Opportunities: Digitalizing Construction Monitoring Process
viAct and Autodesk Exploring New Opportunities: Digitalizing Construction Monitoring Process

viAct has announced its integration with Autodesk Forge® and Autodesk Construction Cloud®. The integration has enabled viAct to build a holistic end-to-end Digital Twin and AI solution with Autodesk’s BIM360®, enabling the clients to view their construction site in a 3D space. With Autodesk Forge®, viAct’s construction site monitoring accuracy has improved and the safety and productivity of the jobsite has been enhanced.

To know more about the integration and its benefits, read the pre & post integration scenarios below:

Before viAct-Autodesk Forge® Integration

The demand for viAct’s services has witnessed a hike over the past 18 months. viAct has amassed a huge data base that enabled it to develop AI-based solutions for different types of construction sites. Before its integration with Autodesk Forge®, client’s camera distribution, indicating the location of each camera in the construction site, was displayed on a 2D plane in viAct’s platform. This camera distribution on the 2D plan was unable to display the height of its position, in turn affecting the parameter of the AI detection. Thus, the company was finding it difficult to represent the multiple-floor 3D models of projects in its 2D viewing system. This created difficulty for the clients who wanted a more accurate and 3D monitoring of activity, height and position.

After viAct-Autodesk Forge® Integration

Before its integration with Autodesk Forge®, viAct explored several 3D viewing options to integrate into its software systems. But those tools had limited viewing capability. viAct’s team members thus expanded their search to include software that extracted the BIM (Building Information Modelling) data increasingly built into construction project models, since it saw a durable value of aligning its solution with construction and model data sets. As such the Forge platform & its APIs were an unambiguous choice.

Post integration the clients can now extract, translate and render a 3D model of their construction site with the help of the Model Derivative API. Further, using the Viewer API, they can view their 3D models in any basic web-based browser. Moreover, the Viewer and the Data Visualization API extension shall enable the clients to display cameras on the intelligent model. Thus, Forge APIs shall now enable users to customize camera position, orientation, focal length, and scope of view. The integration has therefore resulted in a cloud-based digital twin that provides complete 3D monitoring capabilities, facilitating a holistic tracking of the jobsite, starting from the first brick to the last breath. Further, the comprehensive, interactive and precisely placed cameras allow the clients to use a web-based browser to move throughout the site on any device from any nook and corner of the world. Moreover, the real-time alerts initiated by the AI detection, enables the customers to track productivity, enforce safety regulations and ensure theft prevention.

In addition to this, alignment with the project data set enables viAct’s software to detect particularities of site progress (as for example, 50% completion of a wall) and revise the intelligent project model in real time. This helps the stakeholders to remain updated and make more accurate decisions in lesser time.

Thus, integration with Autodesk Forge® has improved the usability of viAct’s smart construction job-site monitoring system by improving its accuracy. The enhanced efficacy of viAct’s AI with Autodesk Forge® facilitates the clients to save the planning costs of their projects with 3D visualization of camera distribution for their construction sites. Post integration, the customers can add viAct’s AI platform to their Autodesk® Build and BIM 360® Project Home dashboards. This allows the project teams to effortlessly monitor the productivity and ensure the safety of the jobsite directly within Autodesk Construction Cloud®. Thus now, the project teams can have deep insight of their construction sites, facilitating accurate and instant alerts for effective jobsite management.

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Benefits of viAct-Autodesk Integration

Benefits of viAct-Autodesk Integration
Benefits of viAct-Autodesk Integration

  1. Autodesk BIM360® has empowered viAct’s AI solution, helping the clients to develop and visualize a digital twin that has in turn enabled them to envisage both virtual and real environments of their projects.

  2. The viAct-Autodesk® integration has given an extra dimension to the clients. Autodesk BIM360® gives the clients a three-dimensional view of the construction jobsite, to which viAct has added an extra ONE. Now the clients can also visualize real time happenings surrounding their construction project that creates a win-win situation for both viAct and Autodesk®, as well.

  3. Autodesk Construction Cloud® and viAct’s AI vision technology have together given the clients an extra benefit to compare everyday status of the jobsite with the planned design, to detect any incorrect installation and thereby take immediate mitigation measures before it is too late.

  4. viAct’s smart alerts on Autodesk BIM360® model can tell users which location or area needs to paid extra attention and taken special care of.

As aptly said by Gary Ng, CEO and Co-Founder, viAct: “Forge is the ultimate solution for us to improve our clients’ site comprehension and monitoring.” Thus, in a nutshell, the benefits reaped from viAct-Autodesk Forge® Integration are innumerable. Starting from a more accurate decision-making facility for clients in lesser time to increased site safety, coupled with increased productivity and better security of equipment and materials, viAct-Autodesk Forge® integration has built a greater arena of opportunities for viAct through possibility of post-construction application.

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