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Empower Your Jobsites with Automated Construction Management Software Powered with AI Video Analytics

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viAct provides scenario-based AI vision technology to simplify monitoring process

Construction Management Software
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Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2022

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Leading PropTech 50
(China Region)

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World of Safety and Health Asia Award 2022

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Top50 ConTech Startups 2020 by CEMEX Ventures

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Sector Winner SLINGSHOT2021 by Enterprise Singapore

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Top 6 Finalist Nominated in Austria’s josef umdasch research prize 2022

Challenges that we are facing today

Stagnant Productivity Levels

The productivity of construction remains stuck at the same level as 80 years ago with slow adopting of new technologies

Construction Management App

Time & Cost Overruns

Inaccurate project estimates and human error lead to 98% Project
and 80% Cost Increased

Automated Construction Monitoring

Safety Issue

Construction has led all industries in the total number of worker deaths

1 million USD cost per fatal injury

Workplace Safety Software

Try a different approach

Without viAct

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80% of CCTV at Construction Sites are still Monitored Manually

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No Human Being can Monitor more than 6 Screens at Same Time

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Inaccuracy, Incomplete & Late Action Caused by Manpower

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With viAct

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95% Less Accidents

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70% Less Manpower Cost

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Error-free Progress Tracking

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1 Million USD Cost saved (Per Injury Case)

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See how we can help projects like yours

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PPE Detection

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Environmental Monitoring

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Danger Zone Alert

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Fleet Management

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Work at Height Safety

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Confined Space