APRIL 29, 2022

Boots on the ground have traditionally been the way construction companies have kept an eye on construction sites. Site inspectors typically monitor worker safety and fatigue, team productivity, respect of health regulations, equipment integrity, and security of materials and equipment by walking around a site.

FEBRUARY 28, 2022 

In the last issue, we introduced the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the construction industry. In fact, there is more than one start-up in Hong Kong dedicated to upgrading this ...

Leveraging AI to create safer, ESG-compliant construction sites [Q&A]
FEBRUARY 22, 2022 

Few industries, if any, emit more carbon than the construction sector. According to the World Economic Forum, global construction accounts for 38 percent of total global emissions, ...


The young company has developed an intelligent management platform for construction materials. This involves, for example, packaging with integrated IoT sensor technology,  ...

JANUARY 26, 2022 

In this episode of the AEC, Business Podcast had the pleasure of interviewing Gary Ng, CEO of viAct. We discuss the use of AI in making construction sites safer.

JANUARY 20, 2022 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Safety Managers together hold enormous potential for construction Jobsite safety in near future. The scope of relevant technologies like ...

JANUARY 18, 2022  

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 18 January 2022 - SOCAM Development Limited (HKEX 983)"SOCAM") and viAct are pleased to announce the signing of the Memorandum of ...

JANUARY 13, 2022  

On 13 January 2022, Hewlett Packard Enterprise in partnership with e27 successfully hosted the first episode of “Fast Forward with HPE” — an initiative designed to identify, ...

DECEMBER 23, 2021 

The construction industry is one of the biggest drivers of the economy worldwide. Being a proper "physical" industry, it was among those impacted the most during the pandemic. ...

DECEMBER 21, 2021 

A Hong Kong start-up is using artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor construction workers and site conditions to minimize injuries and other accidents in a largely ...

NOVEMBER 8, 2021 

Calling all startups: Asia’s most exciting deep tech pitching competition is back!

This is your chance to anchor yourself in ...

OCTOBER 7, 2021 

Even as the Construction industry continues to modernize, it remains one of the most polluting and hazardous sectors in the world. To meet the challenge of Net-Zero targets and to ensure ...

OCTOBER 7, 2021 

The Policy Address continues to implement "Construction Industry 2.0" to shorten construction time, reduce manpower and enhance site safety through innovative ...

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 

The integration with Autodesk Forge, a cloud-based developer platform, enables viAct to build a complete end-to-end igital Twin + AI solution, allowing clients to view their ...

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 

At a time when all kinds of industries and businesses are having to re-innovate he way they operate and mange their workforce, viAct is not only helping Asia's construction industry ...



AUGUEST 30, 2021 

The best Artificial Intelligence blogs from thousand blogs on the web ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority and freshness.

AUGUST 2, 2021 

It is our honor to be invited by Construction Industry Council to demonstrate our AI-Based Construction Technologies. Watch our Project Manager Jake (AI for Construction, ...

JULY 30, 2021 

There has been a complete shift in Environmental, Social, and Governance Responsibilities, from nice-to-have to must-have, as it is now an important consideration in ...

JUNE 2021 

An extra eye : Artificial Intelligence-powered computer vision to mitigate Singapore’s construction constraints.

JUNE 30, 2021 

Recently receiving US$2m in seed funding, Hong Kong-based startup viAct is aiming to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create a “zero risk” smart construction site.

APRIL 27, 2021 

As smart technologies mature, various industries have begun to use innovative technologies to assist in daily operations and save operating costs.

APRIL 8, 2021 

Despite the COVID-19 shock, about US$24 billion was invested into property technology from venture capital in 2020. From smart cities and big data, to IoT, AI, robotics &  ...

APRIL 1, 2021 

Vestack, a French startup specializing in the design and off-site construction of buildings made from bio-sourced materials, has just raised €2.6 million in funding from venture ...

MARCH 27, 2021

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global supply chains and other economically important systems, 2020 still managed to produce major tech breakthroughs, as well ...

MARCH 25, 2022 

Hong Kong-based viAct helps construction sites perform around-the-clock monitoring with an AI-based cloud platform that combines computer vision, edge devices, and a mobile app.

MARCH 24, 2021 

The application of AI and big data has played an important role in the anti-epidemic process in the past year. With the announcement of the "Smart City Blueprint 2.0" by the SAR ...

MARCH 20, 2021

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global supply chains and other economically important systems, 2020 still managed to produce major tech breakthroughs, as well ...

JANUARY 22, 2020 

[viAct x Autodesk BIM 360] Bring AI Smart Safety Monitoring Solution to BIM 360 | Construction Tech

DECEMBER 20, 2020 

AI-based Computer Vision on Construction: viAct interview @NOW [The Cool Tech] - Come Home Safely

DECEMBER 1, 2021

人工智能+雲應用助升級舊經濟. ... ViAct夥拍瑞安建業推動智能建築3.0 ... 建造業一直是香港引以為傲的行業,多年來打造了不少世界級基建及地標性項目 ...

NOVEMBER 6, 2022 

Nov 06, 2020 — Hong Kong ParticleX held it’s first Investment Committee Meeting themed “ParticleX PropTech Global Challenge 2020” on 31 October. 

OCTOBER 29, 2020 

We have launched the fourth edition of Sacyr iChallenges, our open innovation, and co-creation program targeted at solving four business challenges issued by the compan ...

JULY 23, 2020

Not long ago, we sent an invitation letter to entrepreneurs, asking everyone to tell their entrepreneurial stories. Thank you very much to all entrepreneurs and investment institutions, ...

JANUARY 22, 2020

viAct interview @TVB Finance Magazine

MAY 7, 2020 

The Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre (CITAC) is striving for the improvement of the productivity, safety and sustainability of the Hong Kong ...

MARCH 31, 2020

According to an interview with 36Kr, "Visual Intelligence", a cloud video monitoring platform for construction sites, has completed funding for the Angel Round around mid- ...

JANUARY 22, 2022 

Gary Ng, the CEO of viAct, introduced the Automate Construction Monitoring solutions with i-cable during CIExpo 2019.

DECEMBER 17, 2020 

Construction Innovation Expo 2019 (CIExpo) is a signature event co-organized by the Development Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, ...

NOVEMBER 17, 2019

An official statement said that despite the name, it does not reflect the China-focussed startups and aims to bridge China and the rest of the world ...

OCTOBER 14, 2019 

In recent years, there has been a lot of construction in Hong Kong, but construction technology has received less attention from the industry.

MAY 2019 

viAct is focusing to expand its reach of business to European countries with the primarily targeted destination of London, the United Kingdom seeing huge demand for Automated ....

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