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Project Control Center (PCC)

AI-powered project control center by viAct represents the pinnacle of modern project management, leveraging artificial intelligence, generative AI & video analytics to revolutionize how projects are planned, executed, and monitored. PCC is an upgraded way to monitor site safety aiding HSE team to enhance overall project compliance.


No Compromise Over Compliance!

Key features of viAct’s AI powered Project Control Center (PCC)

Give your worksite a competitive edge with viAct

Traditional PCC

PCC Logs & Alerts Monitoring

Modern PCC with
AI Powered Video Analytics

AI Enbaled Project Control Center (PCC)

Existing CCTV

Connect to Existing CCTV with RTSP Link

AI Enbaled Project Control Center (PCC)

AI Video Analytics

Processing Video Feeds Automatically

AI Enbaled Project Control Center (PCC)

Real-time Alerts

For immediate proactive action & transparent information flow

AI Enbaled Project Control Center (PCC)

Predictive Analysis

Actionable Insights to ensure sustainable operation

Post deployment benefits with viAct


Reduction in Safety Incidents


More accurate surveillance


Cheaper than humanized project monitoring


Improvement in Machinery Management

How viAct makes best Project Control Centers (PCC) in Saudi Arabia?


Advanced AI Capabilities

By harnessing advanced scenario-based AI algorithms, viAct provides real-time insights, predictive analytics, and automated decision-making capabilities when deployed at any project site.

How viAct makes best Project Control Centers (PCC) in Saudi Arabia?


Smart Site Safety Optimization

viAct’s innovative smart site safety platform optimizes safety non-compliances without hampering project flow through smart workforce & machinery allocation, potential risk identification, and enhanced collaboration among team members.


Empowering HSE Teams

With exclusive dashboards and intuitive daily reports, it empowers project HSE teams to make informed decisions, anticipate challenges, and drive successful project outcomes while ensuring scalability and data security.


AI-Powered Control Center

Ultimately, viAct helps to establish AI-powered project control center at various project sites in Saudi Arabia that serves as the nerve center, orchestrating efficiency, agility, and intelligence in the realm of project management.

How it works ?
Only 3 Simple Steps in One Go!

1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitor via cloud or edge



Supercharge your EHS Team

viAct's AI Enabled Project Control Center (PCC)

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