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Track carbon footprint of your project

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Why Decarbonization for Construction is a MUST?

Global construction accounts for 38% of total global emissions


Buildings equivalent to The Size of Paris are built every week

size of building

This needs to be Reduced by Half by 2030 and To Zero by 2050 to achieve the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement

reduce emission


To get the construction industry on track to reach global climate targets, all companies need to start measuring the full carbon footprint of their real estate assets.

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Roland Hunziker

Sustainable buildings director at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The World First AI Solution for Decarbonization by viAct Powered by AI, loT and Satellite Remote Sensing Is the All-in-one Platform for Holistic Carbon Assessment


AI detection on satellite images for carbon emission and offset throughout the industry chains

AI Solution for Construction
automated audit

Automated audit carbon credits that spent on the entire supply chains

IoT tracking on the carbon footprints of each equipment usage

iot tracking

Key Features

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Automatically track emissions through the carbon footprint using the data source from satellite images, loT and AI cameras;
Track progress towards sustainability targets and compare with industry benchmarks.

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Predictive AI can forecast future emissions across a company’s carbon footprint, in relation to current reduction efforts, new carbon reduction methodologies, and future demand.

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Provide insights on decarbonization strategy improvement according to the assessment report;
Track the improvement efforts that made on carbon reduction and offset to comprehensively assess the decarbonization outcome.

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The dashboard gathers and visualizes carbon emission data from different resources across a building/project’s entire lifecycle in Real Time;
Provide assessment reports in weekly/monthly basis and lead to action before it is too late.

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Support carbon credits auditing throughout a company or a supply chain, so that you can get holistic overview on where your budget is spent for carbon credit and decarbonization efforts.

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The embodied carbon in the materials/products, estimate the potential wastage in actual construction operation, etc.

Throughout the Holistic Carbon Assessment

Clever Planning

efficient construction

Maximize material utilization; delivery of materials, worker & machinery productivity, fuel consumption, environmental compliance, etc.

Efficient Construction

Smart Management

Energy consumption, implantation of new solar power, plantation rate, water, town gas & electricity, waste management, etc.

smart management

Metrics that Matter

See how viAct helps clients by the decarbonization of their projects.


of Carbon Emission Reduced by AI Monitoring


of Budget Saved for Environmental Compliance Monitoring


of Manpower Saved for Monitoring the Carbon Emission and Offset

Solutions For All Project Stakeholders

construction industry

Construction Industry

Monitor and predict the carbon footprint throughout the construction planning and operation process, and track progress towards sustainability targets.

green corporate

Green Corporate

Track the carbon footprints and audit carbon credits to drive efficient building processes and property management in order to meet the ESG requirement.

energy industry

Energy Industry

Automate the tracking process of carbon emission and offset throughout the supply chain of energy industries including oil, gas, coal, electricity and the like.



Oversee the environmental compliance and carbon footprints of civil building & infrastructure construction projects.

Start Decarbonization Revolution with viAct!

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