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Looking to streamline operational efficiency for any public sector project using artificial intelligence and vision technology?

viAct's Artificial Intelligence for Government & Public Sector

Do you know how Artificial Intelligence & Video Analytics is aiding Governments & Public Sector services worldwide?

Government departments across different countries are leveraging AI video analytics to optimize operations and enhance decision-making processes in their respective domains


Employes AI video analytics to automatically detect and alert authorities about suspicious activities, such as abandoned bags or erratic behaviors in crowded areas for public security

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New York Police Department (NYPD)


Why viAct is a pioneer in AI for Government & Public Sector?

Award Winning AI

AI powered video analytic solution recognized by FORBES, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, KPMG, WSHAsia

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Responsible & Transparent AI

The responsible, privacy preserving AI has been trusted by many government departments across the world especially in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, MENA region

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World Class R&D for high accuracy

Nominated for Austria’s Josef Umdasch research prize 2022 for above 95% accuracy, with 10+ publications in various international journals of repute

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5+ years of Multi Domain Expertise 

Successfully implemented & deployed 50+ AI solution across construction, oil & gas, mining, facility management, smart cities, manufacturing jobsites

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How viAct empowers Government Administration

How viAct aids Public Sector Services?

3 Simple Steps towards Innovation with viAct 



Identifying the Problem 

Learning about what the exact issue is for which a digital innovation is required


Discovering Solutions & Implementation

Analyzing the best implementable option from the prebuilt AI modules and deciding step-by-step implementation plan


Post Implementation Evaluation 

Understanding whether the digital innovation technology has sorted the purpose it was implemented for 

The highly accurate, responsible & transparent AI modules by viAct serves a vital role to provide end-to-end solution for innovating Governments & Public sector services


ROI on AI deployment by empowering data driven decisions


Faster selection of AI solution from pre-built AI modules


Faster training of AI modules with high on ground accuracy


Faster problem-to-innovation journey with multi-domain expertise


Higher success rate for chosen technology post implementation

Start Your Innovation Journey with viAct 

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