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Mix & Match different AI modules to automate monitoring the complete building cycle

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3 Major Elements We Track...

More than 100 millions domain specified data set has been treated and learned.

Manpower, Machine and Material are the 3 key matrix need to track for project management.

Construction Workers


Dirt Construction Site


Construction Signs


+30 AI Modules Ready-to-deploy

The AI can be easily deployed and able to help you understand your workers safety & productivity, enhance your operational work flow and meet your environmental compliance.  

Personal Safety

According to research, safety helmet is so important to protect workers while working in construction environmental. Wearing proper PPE is a must, not an option as well.


Know your project status is one of the key mission to running a project. Improve your team efficiency by data is the most promising way. 


Workplace injuries always coming from people entering dangerous areas without being notice or warning. We help to notify immediately on such scenario.


ESG is a world wide initiative, using AI to protect your working environment and reduce the negative impact to public when projects are operating. 

Over 30 pre-built AI modules covering wide range of job-sites from infrastructure, building works to property management. viAct's R&D team create construction specified algorithms from ground research since 2016.


Our proprietary algorithm can work under extreme environment in different types of job site.  We understand your operation scenarios and the AI know as well.

Scenario-based AI 


Track Everything All The Time

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Glass Buildings
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