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viAct presents feasible solutions across all dimensions including monitoring of Environmental Compliances at critical jobsites - through AI Video Analytics.

viAct's ESG AI Module


Global Waste Generation is projected to increase by 70% in 2050 majorly accounting for wastes from industrial jobsites.

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Report by Adam Redling

Why Environmental Compliance Monitoring is Essential for Critical Jobsites?

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Stringent governmental regulations across countries to protect the environment

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To manage and minimize the impact of industrial activities on environment

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Attain a higher ESG pre-position by making traditional business sustainable

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Oil & Gas


Smart Cities





Transparent Information Flow Among Stakeholders

viAct brings all stakeholders at a single platform for dissemination of information by automated progress tracking to provide better governance and management of construction projects

All modules of viAct are exclusively linked to the cloud facility that helps in giving instant alerts to on-site workers and remote stakeholders through email, SMS or any other messaging app

viAct’s smart dashboard helps in giving an instant look into trends of accidents, non-compliance as well as progress of the construction site

viAct | Transparent Information Flow Among Stakeholders

Areas of Application

Water Pollution Detection

Detects untreated waste water discharges to identify malfunctioning in treatment plants and sends alerts to regulators and professionals for reasoned actions

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Urban Flood Prevention

Detects fallen leaves, mud and trashes in drains and triggers alerts to prevent blockage of urban drainage which leads to over flooding during rainy season.

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Dump Truck Management

Detects and alerts if dump trucks are uncovered or overweight before they leave the jobsite to prevent wastes falling out in roads.

Illegal Dumping Detection

Detects and sends alerts on illegal dumping of wastes near the premises of construction and manufacturing jobsites to prevent pollution.


Dump Truck Cover Detection


Dirty Wheel Detection


Dump Truck Counting

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Construction Material Classification

Detects and classifies different types of materials, like soil, slurry and rocks, etc.

Construction & Demolition Waste Management

On-site instant audio-visual alerts in case any waste is being dumped into a wrong container with records of non-compliance on dashboard for follow up actions.

Air Quality Detection

Detects and alerts gas leakage and air hazards with records of air quality and real-time actionable insights sent to stakeholders for appropriate actions.

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Transparent Record Keeping Dashboard & Real Time Instant Alerts

viAct brings all stakeholders at a single platform for dissemination of information through instant alerts and dashboard showing any environmental non-compliance occurring in the jobsite for better governance and management of construction, mining, manufacturing & oil & gas projects.

All environmental modules of viAct are exclusively linked to the cloud facility that helps to give instant alerts to on-site HSE mangers as well as remote authorities through email, SMS or any other messaging app

viAct’s smart dashboard helps in keeping automated trend records of such non-compliances for better governance & data-driven decisions for future endeavors.

viAct | Transparent Information Flow Among Stakeholders

Why viAct?

The pre-build AI-powered environmental modules not only makes a critical jobsite safer and productive but also brings sustainability and improves ESG scoring


Improvement in Waste Management


Faster Documentation


Improved ESG Score

viAct's ESG Compliance Solution

How it Works?
3 Simple Steps In One Go!

  1. Any IP Camera & CCTV Installed On-site

  2. Connecting with viAct’s AI Cloud

  3. Monitoring on Client’s End

  • What is the accuracy of viAct’s scenario-based AI for environmental monitoring?
    viAct’s video analytics powered scenario-based modules for environmental monitoring have been backed by strong R&D to achieve an exceptional accuracy of 95-98%.
  • What are the pre-requisites for deploying viAct’s video analytics solution for environmental monitoring?
    viAct is known for its simple plug & play AI powered video analytics which can be deployed in any critical jobsite to comply environmental monitoring. The only requirement is: ✅2MP IP camera with RTSP link ✅Internet & Electricity Connectivity ✅viAct’s AI Modules
  • What are viAct’s AI powered modules for environmental monitoring?
    viAct’s AI powered modules for environmental monitoring are those that helps jobsites to comply with environmental regulations such as Water Pollution Detection, Urban Flood Prevention, Illegal Dumping Detection, Dump Truck Management, Construction Material Classification, Construction & Demolition Waste Management, Air Quality Detection, and many more.
  • Why AI is important for environmental monitoring in critical jobsites?
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subsets like video analytics help to ensure compliance with environmental plans, permits and regulations. Also, it becomes quite impossible to manually monitor these compliances in huge jobsites like construction, mining, manufacturing, oil & gas industries. Thus, AI augments environmental monitoring by mitigating and minimizing environmental impact with stringent surveillance.
  • How viAct helps in improving ESG scoring of any project?
    The video analytics powered modules of viAct are bifurcated into three segments viz. Safety, Productivity & Environmental. 🚨The safety modules help to improve “Social” factor by protecting lives of workers in jobsites through safety alerts. 💡The productivity module helps in keeping a track of progress automatically by bringing a transparent error-free workflow with an intuitive dashboard to promote “Governance” factor. 🌿The “Environmental” factor is improved by the environmental modules which are designed to cover various applications including waste classification, pollution detection etc. Thus, boosting ESG scoring of any project in a holistic manner.
  • What is the pricing for viAct’s AI powered environmental monitoring?
    The pricing starts with USD 200 per camera per module per month. However, pricing may vary according to project size and user requirements. (Bulk Discounts Applicable)

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