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viAct’s AI solution ensure workers’ safety and better transparency when undertaking confined space work: saving workers’ lives from fatal accidents.

Construction Confined Space Worker Safety Monitoring

“Among the types of accidents, those related to confined space activities have the highest ratio of fatalities to lost-time injuries (1:2). The overall fatality rate in confined space work is estimated to range between 0.05 and 0.08 per 100,000 workers

——According to a comprehensive occupational safety study

What are the Most Common Hazards in Confined Space?

viAct | Toxic atmospheric hazards

Toxic atmospheric hazards

viAct | Fires or explosions

Fires or explosions

viAct | Confined Space

Confined Space

viAct | Drowning risk

Drowning risk

viAct | Extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures

viAct is leading the Next Generation Confined Space Work with its AI safety monitoring solution, by making sure that you will always:

Know What’s Happening in Confined Space

World 1st Mobile AI Safety Monitoring Solution for Confined Space Work - viMov

High Mobility and Easy Portability for sites that keep changing

Saves 70% Time and 90% Budget on Inspection

Supports operation even without permanent power and internet facilities

High Battery Capacity with approximate 50 hours

Powerful AI with Industry’s Leading Accuracy, supporting different monitoring angles

Support Customized Settings on detected areas, people and objects

Areas of Application

viMov can fulfill the safety monitoring demand on various jobsites including the underground and above-ground confined space:

viAct | viMOV
viAct | One viMOV, Endless Solutions

One viMov, Endless Solutions

viMov can support multiple AI modules to ensure workers’ safety at risky jobsites.

  • PPE Detection

  • Atmospheric and Dusty Condition Monitoring

  • Danger Zone Intrusion

  • Machinery, Noise and Electric Injury

  • Proper Fencing Surround Detection

  • Flowing Solid & Liquid Detection

  • Counting Workers Entering Site

  • Worker Timer

Safety Monitoring has Never been that Easy!

What you need to do is to turn on your viMov at sites and it will let you Know What’s Happening in Confined Space, without the requirement of wearing any individual censoring device.

Only 3 steps to deploy:
1. Capture with viMov
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitor via client’s ends anytime, anywhere

Holistic Instant Alert System

  • Sends local light & sound alarm in 1 second to workers on sites

  • Sends instant mobile alert to on-site safety officers or site agent by SMS/email

  • Alert history with captured images or videos will be sent to the Video Analytic Server through 4G network for storage and management

viAct | Holistic Instant Alert System
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