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Artificial Intelligence for

Automotive & EV Manufacturers

Leverage the power of industrial grade AI video analytics solution by viAct to analyze and ensure compliances, identify risks, and enhance workplace safety to optimizes operational processes for a proactive & sustainable approach to industrial landscape.


Technology Pioneer 2023 by the World Economic Forum


Google Startups for Sustainable Developments

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Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2022

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Leading PropTech 50
(China Region)

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World of Safety and Health Asia Award 2022

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Top50 ConTech Startups 2020 by CEMEX Ventures

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Sector Winner SLINGSHOT2021 by Enterprise Singapore

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Top 6 Finalist Nominated in Austria’s josef umdasch research prize 2022

  Common Operational Hurdles  

Safety Hazards
in Automotive & EV Manufacturing Units

Productivity Lapses
in Automotive & EV Manufacturing Units

How viAct manages to bring a sustainable work environment in Automotive Industry & EV Manufacturers through
AI Driven SIMOPs (Simultaneous Operations) Management?

Real-time Monitoring of Hidden Hazards

Real-time Monitoring of Hidden Hazards

viAct’s scenario-based AI powers existing cameras to continuously monitor the production floor and to detect unsafe behaviors or situations, such as improper equipment usage, spills, or employee accidents which otherwise goes unnoticed. 

Faster Risk Assessments & Safety Audits

Faster Risk Assessments & Safety Audits 

viAct’s AI seamlessly collects data from video footages, camera feeds and presents in an intuitive record of non-compliances & safety measures and actions taken to address any identified risks or incidents.

Immediate Action with Automated Alerts

Immediate Action with Automated Alerts

viAct’s digital safety management system instantly alerts on-site supervisors or safety personnel through alarms and also sends SMS & E-Mail alerts to remote personals on detecting safety violations or a potential hazard, enabling quick intervention to prevent accidents.

Identifying inefficiencies for Process Optimization

Identifying inefficiencies for Process Optimization

By analyzing video data, viAct’s AI powered video analytics identifies bottlenecks in production processes, leading to operational improvements that indirectly contribute to safer & productive production.

Exclusive AI Module Bank
for Automotive Industry & Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Simply Choose & Connect!

PPE Detection.png

PPE Detection

The smart AI Monitoring system instantly alerts the on-site & off-site stakeholders of instances of workers’ not wearing (proper) PPE to take necessary action on-time

AI for Automotive & EV Manufacturers
Forklift Safety Alerts.png

Lifting Zone Collison Monitoring

AI navigation system monitors any worker working in risky lifting zones of cranes and alerts for proactive action to vacate such zones for workforce safety

Theft Detection.png

Unauthorized Intrusion Detection

Instant and real-time alerts are sent out as soon as any incident unauthorized intrusion takes place in risky or critical areas to protect workforce from electric or chemical hazards

AI for Automotive Industry
Slips, Trips, and Almost Falls Detection.png

Slips, Trips, and Almost Falls Detection

The powerful video analytics system detects even the near misses incidents (like worker tripped and almost fell but managed to regain balance) to mitigate smallest of FFH accidents

Product Fault Detection.png

Machinery Maintenance Alerts

The dynamic AI monitoring system can detect minutest faults/errors in the machinery to elaborate maintenance needs, reduce unexpected downtime & costly breakdowns

AI in Car Manufacturing
Automated Housekeeping Management.png

Digital Work Supervision

The AI-driven video analytic dashboard facilitates seamless monitoring, identifying bottlenecks, and streamlining communication flow fostering efficient collaboration and resolving issues promptly, elevating overall productivity

Why viAct is Reliable Option
Automotive & EV Manufacturers?

Award Winning AI

AI powered video analytic solution recognized by FORBES, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, KPMG, WSHAsia, Google startups for sustainable development

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Responsible & Transparent AI

The responsible, privacy preserving AI has been trusted by many government departments across the world especially in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, MENA region

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World Class R&D for high accuracy

Nominated for Austria’s Josef Umdasch research prize 2022 for above 95% accuracy, with 10+ publications in various international journals of repute

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5+ years of Multi Domain Expertise 

Successfully implemented & deployed 50+ AI solution across construction, oil & gas, mining, facility management, smart cities, manufacturing jobsites

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How it works ?
Only 3 Simple Steps in One Go!

1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Initiate AI for SIMOPs (Simultaneous Operations) Management via cloud or edge

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Exclusive for Car Manufacturing Industry & Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

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