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viAct for Oil & Gas Industry

World’s first scenario based AI using industrial grade video analytics for ensuring accurate, real time monitoring of safety conditions with immediate visibility to protect manpower, machine & material.


Oil and Gas industry is marked with 7x higher fatal accidents than other critical industries with fatality rate being recorded to be 1.4 per 100 workers

Report by

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Most Common Hazards in Oil & Gas Industry

The automated AI navigation system leverages the power of video analytics to up-level from reactive compliance to proactive incident prevention, reducing workforce injuries in turn.


Reduction in Fatal Injuries


Reduction in Fire & Explosions


Cheaper than Manual Human Monitoring

Areas of Application

The smart AI navigation system offers extremely granular insights in jobsites by transforming vision to practical actions with proprietary video analytics solutions for Red Zone Monitoring (Red Zone Management).

instant alert

Instant Alert at Rescue

  • On-site light & sound alarms for ground workforce

  • Remote alerts on Email/SMS/WhatsApp for off-site managers

  • Alert History with captured image and videos along with analytic report

Easy Setup and Application

Only 3 steps to deploy:

1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitor via cloud or edge

No extra censoring device required!

AI Video Analytics for Oil and Gas Industry Safety

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For detailed applications of our solution for Oil & Gas Industry and its user benefits

Unique Value Prepositions


Edge AI Benefits

Highly deployable AI on Cloud, On-Prem & Hybrid modes with above 90% accuracy in real industrial condition to scale jobsite safety with cost effectivity and data privacy.


Plug & Play Facility

No-code AI for industrial level deployments with minimal requirement of technical knowhow to drive efficacy and agility with lower deployment costs.


Cross Platform Integration

Integrate multiple data source or service with extensibility at each point: AI modules, hardware, cameras, and applications to boost effective management.


Infrastructure Security

Secure AI deployments with advanced authentication and encryption along with the privacy preserving AI from cloud to edge to mitigate security issues.


Responsible AI

Responsible vision intelligence with restricted access to system and data transfer adhering strictly to data protection and privacy regulations by GDPR.

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