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Data, Insight & Automation in ONE Platform
Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) for Construction Jobsites

Deploy computer vision applications with viHUB, the best AI monitoring platform without code

Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) for Construction Jobsites

Metrics that Matter

See how viAct help governments, GCs and owners to increase their project productivity and mitigate risks.


Reduce Safety Risks


Budget Savings on Inspection


Manpower Savings

Platform Capabilities

With viHUB, you’ll understand your job like never before.

Automated Workflow

viHUB powered by vision intelligence can help you automate the human monitoring process, to improve site safety, increase productivity and save cost;
You can effortlessly capture 360° and 2D photos by connecting to viHUB - Top PropTech Software, enabling all documents to get automatically stored and organized according to project, floor plan and time.

automated workflow

See it Anytime, Anywhere

You can see the project progress in 2D reports or 3D models and find photo and video evidence in seconds at anytime and from anywhere;
viHUB also allows you to compare and contrast the present project with the previous ones, and resolve issues before they hit your budget or schedule.

easy monitoring

Convenient Integration

viHUB can easily integrate with the platforms and products you use every day
By integration with data from IoT, BIM & CCTV, site comprehension and monitoring has never been that easy!

easy integration
timely report

Predictive Analytic & Timely Report

We use cutting-edge ML & DL model to help you on individual scenario prediction and forecast. Unveil the unseen insights with Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS)!

Our integrated dashboard can keep all the stakeholders on the same page by
instant alerts and trend-oriented reports, reducing reporting time, action time & cost.

How it Works?

viHUB - Centralized Management Platform is so handy and easy to be deployed that your team can be ready to roll on day 1

camera image
check progress


Capture & Track

Connect any camera & capture project in seconds


Process & Storage

viHUB’s scenario based vision intelligence & secure storage


Visualization & Insight Analysis

Acquire data to generate actionable insights

client portal

Client First, Service First

Onboarding the Customer
Each customer will be paired with a client success manager who will ensure smooth on-boarding and provide 24/7 technical support whenever you needed.

Focus on Customer Success
At viAct, we consider the successful product adoption at customers’ projects to be of utmost importance. We will provide product tour, training and resources to your team to make sure the success on your projects.

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