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The World 1st High Mobility AI Monitoring Solution


High Mobility




Powerful AI

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Mobile AI Monitoring Solution for Any Job

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Confined Space

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Construction Sites

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Changing worksites

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Plug & Play


High Mobility

50 Hours Battery Capacity

Wireless Alert System

Industry Leading Accuracy


High Mobility & Easy Portability

  • viMOV is designed for mobile AI monitoring solution at multiple jobsites to ensure a safe construction environment.

  • It is so handy that you could easily bring it to the changing jobsites with supporting operation even without permanent power and internet facilities!

  • Its battery capacity can last for approximate 50 hours after being fully recharged.

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Wireless Alert System

Sends local light & sound alarm in 1 second to workers on sites;
Sends instant mobile alert to on-site safety officers or site agent by SMS/email;

Alert history with captured images or videos will be sent to the Video Analytic Server through 4G network for storage and management.

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Plug & Play

What you need to do is to turn ON your viMOV at sites and it will let you Know What’s Happening at your jobsite, without any requirement of wearing individual censoring device.
Safety Monitoring has Never been that Easy!

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Powerful AI with Industry Leading Accuracy

  • Dynamic AI auto-detection of danger zone based on holes and fencing

  • Auto-detect missing fencing or barrier around danger areas with alerts

  • Differentiates workers based on PPE color identification to prevent false alerts

viMOV - Your Wise Choice


Fatal Injuries reduced


Cheaper than
human monitoring


More efficient
than human monitoring


Battery Capacity :
Lasts for approximately 50 hours once fully recharged, power supply unit included

Optional item :
Local sound and light alarm

AI Processor :
GPU or CPU (subject to change)

4GB 64-bit

LCD Display :
7” LCD display included

Camera :
1 - 4 pcs included

Network :
4G connection ready

Power Supply:
Direct use of AC 220V 50Hz / 60Hz or lithium-ion battery

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