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viAct for Manufacturing Industry

AI-powered industrial grade Video Analytics for ensuring real-time monitoring of manufacturing firms to improve process efficiency and ensure the health & safety of workers with minimum efforts and errors


AI and subsidiary technologies have the potential to decrease labor management costs by 25% whilst increasing operational efficiency by 16% due to effective monitoring and real-time insights that boosts planning

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Most Common Challenges in Manufacturing Industry

The automated monitoring system modernizes manufacturing workplaces by using real-time data with video analytics for driving a true data-driven process to propel competitiveness by improving productivity with a simultaneous enhancement of workplace safety.


Accurate than Human Monitoring 


Reduction in Workplace Accidents


Faster & Error-free Operations Post-implementation

Areas of Application

The smart AI navigation system offers extremely granular insights in jobsites by transforming vision to practical actions with the proprietary video analytics solutions.

PPE Detection

The smart AI Monitoring system instantly alerts the on-site & off-site stakeholders of instances of workers’ not wearing (proper) PPE to take necessary action on-time

Forklift Safety Alerts

The AI navigation system monitors forklift operations like, driving speed & turn frequency, overload, collision to detect and alert forklift collision accidents

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Fire & Smoke Detection

The AI-powered cameras detects and alerts smoke & fire at the very onset to prevent it from causing catastrophic damage

Damaged Product Detection

The AI video analytics can detect any damaged product in the inventory and instantly alert concerned stakeholder to replace/remove it

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Worker-Machine Proximity Detection

The powerful video analytics detects any worker standing/working too close to operating machines and sends out alerts to prevent collision accidents

Conveyor Belt Breakdown/ Blockage Detection

The AI-powered navigation system detects instance of conveyor belt breakdown/ blockage to fix it on-time to ensure smooth flow of assembly-line work

Driver/ Operator’s Distraction Detection

The dynamic AI Monitoring System tracks and monitors operator’s/ driver’s behaviour, like their inattentiveness while operating vehicles/machines to avoid accidents

Automated Fleet Tracking

Real-time GPS fleet tracking of vehicles carrying goods from manufacturing unit to warehouse ensures safety and optimizes fleet operations

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Unauthorized Intrusion Detection

Instant alerts are sent out as soon as any intruder enters an unauthorized area

Theft Detection

Instant and real-time alerts are sent out (to on-site & off-site stakeholders) as soon as any incident of theft takes place to take instant action on the case

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Automated Product Counting in Assembly Line

The smart video analytics system counts the number of product in the assembly line and the data is saved in the integrated dashboard, facilitating auto-record keeping

Automated Stock Alerts

Computer vision detects objects to track stock andidentifies empty space in the shelves, and/or locates empty containers and sends out automated alerts each time new stock needs to be replenished

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Machinery Fault Detection

The dynamic AI monitoring system can detect various faults/errors in the machinery for their instant repair to uphold machinery productivity in the jobsite

Automated Housekeeping Management

The intuitive dashboard records insights on various aspects of housekeeping management for stakeholders to view them anytime & from anywhere

ALL-in-ONE Dashboard for Data Driven Accuracy

✓ Real-time Reports of the Workflow with Precision

✓ Faster Documentation & Proactive Tracking of Records

✓ Consolidated Report of Notifications & Reminders at a Glance

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Easy Setup and Application

Only 3 steps to deploy:

1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitor via cloud or edge

No extra censoring device required!

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Easy Setup and Application

Only 3 steps to deploy:

1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitor via cloud or edge

No extra censoring device required!

Unique Value Prepositions


Edge AI Benefits

Highly deployable AI on Cloud, On-Prem & Hybrid modes with above 90% accuracy in real industrial condition to scale jobsite safety with cost effectivity and data privacy.


Plug & Play Facility

No-code AI for industrial level deployments with minimal requirement of technical knowhow to drive efficacy and agility with lower deployment costs.


Cross Platform Integration

Integrate multiple data source or service with extensibility at each point: AI modules, hardware, cameras, and applications to boost effective management.


Infrastructure Security

Secure AI deployments with advanced authentication and encryption along with the privacy preserving AI from cloud to edge to mitigate security issues.


Responsible AI

Responsible vision intelligence with restricted access to system and data transfer adhering strictly to data protection and privacy regulations by GDPR.

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