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Monitor operations at height with AI Video Analytics and get real-time instant alerts on unsafe situations to operationalize Work-At-Height Compliances


Accidents while working at height remains the second most prevalent cause of injury-related deaths in construction with Fall-from-Height (FFH) being the major cause of fatalities amongst all work-at-height incidents.

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What are the common causes of accidents while working at height?

With AI video analytics work-at-height injury reduction happens proactively with instant alerts on detecting even the minutest of near misses before it turns into accidents


Savings in manual inspection


Reduction in fatal slips and trips


Reduction in almost fall/slip incidences (near misses)

Easy Setup and Application

Only 3 steps to deploy:

1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitor via cloud or edge

No extra censoring device required!

Areas of Application

Slips, Trips, and Almost Falls Detection

The powerful video analytics system detects even the near misses incidents (like worker tripped and almost fell but managed to regain balance) to mitigate smallest of FFH accidents


Safer Gondola/Forklift Operations

The scenario based AI autonomously detects safety non-compliance while working on platforms, say improper PPE, workers’ smoking behavior, workers’ risky acts like climbing on the fencing of the platform and the like.


Monitoring Tilting Motion of Gondola


viTAG mounted on operational Gondolas detects tilting motion of the platform to prevent falls due to platform imbalance.


Worker’s Improper Means of Climbing Detection

Instant alerts are generated on instances of workers using improper means to reach heights such as forklifts or excavators to avoid accidents.

Life Safety Ropes & PPE Detection

The AI powered system instantaneously alerts on-site and remote stakeholders on worker’s not/improperly using safety ropes and PPEs while working at height to take necessary action beforehand

Missing Barricades Detection


The AI navigation system detects missing barricades at high-rise platforms and alerts stakeholders so that insightful actions can be taken to prevent any FFH instances.

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