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AI monitoring solution for construction sites to prevent accidents related to danger zone intrusion.

viAct's Danger Zone Alert Sensing System


CCTV at Danger ZoneStill Monitored by Workers


Construction AccidentCaused by Danger Zone Intrusion

1 Million

USD Lost Per Fatal Injury

Why viAct?

We save time, money and worker lives
from workplace hazards associated with danger zone intrusion

Powerful AI with Industry Leading Accuracy

  • Dynamic AI auto-detection of danger zone based on holes and fencing

  • Auto-detect missing fencing or barrier around danger areas with alerts

  • Differentiates workers based on PPE color identification to prevent false alerts

viAct | Powerful AI with Industry Leading Accuracy
viAct | One Platform, Endless Solution

One Platform, Endless Solution

  • Users can draw and define custom areas, as well as customize different activation time of each danger zone by project requirement

  • Supports multiple zone area settings within a Field of View (FOV) based on daily site change

  • Manages multiple danger zones in one centralized platform and automatically detects user activities including providing zone modification log data to track which users have changed the zone settings

Easy Setup and Application

Only 3 steps to deploy:
1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitor via cloud or edge

No extra censoring device required

viAct | Holistic Instant Alert System

Holistic Instant Alert System

  • Sends light & sound alarm in 1 second to workers near danger zone

  • Instant mobile alert to on-site safety officers or site agent

  • Real time alert to Dashboard Management

Get Insight from AI Predictive Analysis

  • All the records of historical non-compliance will be automatically saved to the AI cloud and reports will be sent to the stakeholders

  • Video clips of unprecedented events will be uploaded on cloud that can be analyzed for investigating accidents

  • Predictive Analytic based on the collected data tells you what safety conversations to have and where to prevent incidents before they occur.

Dangerous Situtation Alert System
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