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viAct for Mining Industry

Deriving value from data using Scenario-based AI powered Video Analytics for critical mining sites to optimize processes, enhance decision-making and improve safety.


Mining Industry accounts for more than 10,200 non-fatal work injuries recorded every year with 4,800 accident cases requiring days away from work effecting work progress

Report by

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The industrial grade video analytics leverages the intelligence of AI to provide innovative solutions for monitoring mining sites to enable increased productivity and safety.


Reduction in Non-Fatal Injuries


Reduction in Fatal Machine related accidents


Cheaper than Manual Monitoring

Areas of Application

The smart AI navigation system transforms mining to a process-oriented from people-oriented operations.

PPE Detection

The dynamic AI monitoring system detects and alerts instances of workers violating PPE regulations on the job site, such as not wearing hard helmets, safety glasses, hearing protection, and the like.

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Work at Height Monitoring

The smart monitoring solution monitors different working at height scenarios like missing barriers, improper climbing methods, and the like to ensure work at height safety.


Unauthorized Access Detection

The dynamic AI monitoring solution can detect any person entering any unauthorized area in the mining sites and send out instant alerts to on-site & remote stakeholders.

Fire & Smoke Detection

The smart AI cameras can detect fire and smoke in the mines at the very onset to prevent catastrophic damage in the mines.

Confined Space Work Monitoring

The mobile AI safety monitoring solution monitors the real-time happenings in the confined spaces in mining sites like mine caves to detect and alert several safety risks like extreme temperature alerts and so on.

Object Free Fall Detection

AI video analytics can detect instances of falls of ground from the mine roof or rib.

Machinery Collision Detection

Through video analytics instances of machinery and human collisions can be detected to help risk anticipation and management.

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Danger Zone Entry Alerts

The instant alerts system sends out automatic alerts as soon as any instance of workers entering any danger zone like blasting areas and the like, is detected by the AI cameras.

Instant Alert at Rescue

On-site light & sound alarms for ground workforce
Remote alerts on Email/SMS/WhatsApp for off-site managers
Alert History with captured image and videos along with analytic report

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Mining industry

How it Works?
- Only 3 Simple Steps In One Go!

Only 3 steps to deploy:

1. Any IP Camera & CCTV Installed On-site
2. Connecting with viAct’s AI Cloud
3. Monitoring on Client’s End

Unique Value Prepositions


Edge AI Benefits

Highly deployable AI on Cloud, On-Prem & Hybrid modes with above 90% accuracy in real industrial condition to scale jobsite safety with cost effectivity and data privacy.


Plug & Play Facility

No-code AI for industrial level deployments with minimal requirement of technical knowhow to drive efficacy and agility with lower deployment costs.


Cross Platform Integration

Integrate multiple data source or service with extensibility at each point: AI modules, hardware, cameras, and applications to boost effective management.


Infrastructure Security

Secure AI deployments with advanced authentication and encryption along with the privacy preserving AI from cloud to edge to mitigate security issues.


Responsible AI

Responsible vision intelligence with restricted access to system and data transfer adhering strictly to data protection and privacy regulations by GDPR.

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