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Get real-time insight into vehicle location, state of operation, and ensure machinery
assets with our construction fleet tracking solution

Construction fleet management solution by viAct ensure the tracking of 90% construction vehicle and heavy equipments with the help of CCTV based AI enabled construction management software

Complete Fleet Management Visibility

Running your large-scale construction business and managing a fleet of expensive assets is no mean feat.

viAct provides a construction fleet management solution that delivers real-time location and status data about them all, and helps managers remain acquainted of all for all of their vehicles, mobile workers and equipment

viAct | Complete Fleet Management Visibility
operator distraction detection

Operator Distraction Detection

on crane collision detection

On-Crane Collision Detection

Safety Compliance Detection

Construction vehicles should be operated with utmost safety and caution.

Using viAct’s fleet management solution for tracking and monitoring operators behaviors, enhances worker and equipment safety by providing data on different AI modules.

operation hour counting

Operation Hour Counting

driving speed & turn frequency

Driving Speed & Turn Frequency

Fleet Productivity Monitoring

Increase productivity and control costs with tighter control of all assets and equipments, by getting better visibility for managing multiple worksites


Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking


Auto-detection of Vehicle Types


Vehicle & Machinery


Auto Access Control by Licenses Detection

viAct | Fleet Productivity Monitoring

Reduce Fuel Consumption Cost

Fueling construction fleet vehicles is one of the biggest expenses for construction businesses.
viAct’s fleet trackers can enable fleet managers to track the performance and efficiency of vehicles from anywhere and at anytime via the mobile App or web interface, and alert them with leaky fuel lines and improper operators’ behaviors.


Monitors tank level


Monitors Excessive Idling


Report hours vehicles are in use


Detects Poor driving habits like hard acceleration and braking speeds

viAct | Reduce Fuel Consumption Cost
viAct | Fleet & Construction Sustainability

Fleet & Construction Sustainability

For fleets, big or small, a sustainable fleet management is one of the best contributions that can be made to help reduce their impact on environment.
viAct’s green fleet management solution helps your fleet move into the future — and lower long-term cost for your business as well.


Site Entrance Hygiene Monitoring


Dump Truck Cover

Frame 2811.png

Dirty Wheel Detection

Frame 2812.png

C&D Material Classification

viAct | Protect Your Fleet Assets

Protect Your Fleet Assets

Heavy equipment theft results in $1 billion lost product
each year.
viAct’s effective solution for construction fleet
vehicle theft prevention utilizes GPS tracking system to
monitor construction fleet vehicles.
By using viAct’s GPS fleet trackers, you can use web interface and mobile app to view location and asset details. If tagged vehicles leave or enter designated zone, the fleet manager receives automated alerts via texts, emails or instant message apps.

How it Works?
Only 3 Simple Steps In One Go!

  1. Any IP Camera & CCTV Installed On-site

  2. Connecting with viAct’s AI Cloud

  3. Monitoring on Client’s End

Frame 2779.png

Ready to Optimize Your 
Construction Fleet?

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