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Autonomous Robotic Monitoring for Construction


Auto Patrol


Remote Inspection


Powerful AI


viBOT’s Vision Gives More

viBOT is a computer vision-powered agile mobile robot that moves autonomously in challenging and dynamic environments, making it possible to automate your remote inspections on construction sites.

ensure safety

Ensure Safety

Reduce 80% of Fatal Injury

improve efficiency

More Efficient

Control from Anywhere, Anytime

360 progress tracking

360° Progress Tracking

Miss Nothing with viBOT

Mission Autonomy

  • viBOT is highly autonomous and does not require human supervision;

  • Each viBOT can auto panel up to 6 hours, complete appointed missions, even when offline;

  • It packs itself at the nearest base station for recharging.

mission autonomy
worker safety and health

Workers’ Safety & Health

  • Multiple AI modules can be applied in one go to ensure safety in the jobsite, including PPE non-compliance, smoking, falling people/object, danger zone and social distancing detection

  • Sends sound and lighting alarm to nearby workers

  • Instant alerts will also be sent to all the stakeholders and dashboard management via instant messaging app and email to inform them of the non-compliances.

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360° Documentation

  • viBOT powered by AI & computer vision can autonomously capture 360° images and videos in the jobsite and track progress;

  • It can Simultaneously record the smart insights in the cloud-based document repositories.

360 documentation
remote control and monitoring

Remote Control & Inspection

  • With viBOT, you do not need to travel sites often, as it digitizes every inspection of your assets and infrastructure;

  • See your project’s progress and adjust viBOT’s mission instantly at any time and from anywhere.

Digital Twin Creation

viBOT is integrated with a 3D scanner and automated site scanning program to create digital twins of jobsites and identify rework, to resolve issues before they hit your budget or schedule.

digital twin creation

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