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viAct combines powerful computer vision and AI to detect when PPE isn’t being used, or isn’t being used properly, to alert the employee or the appropriate staff to correct PPE issues quickly.

PPE Compliance Detection

PPE detection empowers safety officers with real time data and corresponding proof of breaches, enabling them to perform their job better - and reduce workplace injuries as a result.


Fatal Injury Caused by
PPE Non-Compliance be Avoided


Potential Compensation Cost
can be Avoided


Cheaper than
Human Monitoring

Safety Ready Before Construction

Only 3 simple steps to get on board:
1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitoring via cloud or edge

24/7 online help to ensure smooth on-boarding

viAct | 24/7 Onsite PPE Inspection

24/7 Onsite PPE Inspection

  • Various successfully deployed modules leveraging the power of AI, IoT &5G

  • 24/7 monitoring service and analyses 100+ cameras simultaneously• Provides 

  • Safety officer can remotely oversee whole site safety and received safety report through dashboard from various ends

Real Time Alert and Alarms

  • 1 camera supporting multiple device alerts, including mobile, hardware and big screen monitors

  • Instant alert will be sent to worker or safety officer with corresponding footage evidence if PPE non-compliance is detected

  • Save construction workers from fatal accidents by reducing 95% potential risks!

viAct | Real Time Alert and Alarms
viAct | Adapt to Special Monitoring Zones

Adapt to Special Monitoring Zones

  • Highest AI accuracy in industry standard to make our solution fit with any camera

  • Can adapt to different angles and positioning to cover far distances, large area, confined space and high level work

AI Cloud Data Traceback and Analysis

All the historical compliance record will be saved automatically to AI cloud, and can provide corresponding PPE breach footage for incident analysis

viAct's Cloud System
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