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viAct for Smart Cities

Transforming the way cities functions with scenario based AI through centralized access to data and information.


The global technology spending on Smart City initiatives is expected to double from USD 81 billion to USD 189.5 billion by 2023 with an estimated economic benefit of USD 20 trillion by 2026

Major Challenges in Traditional Cities

Unregulated Energy Consumption.png

Unregulated Energy Consumption

Space Utilization Issues .png

Space Utilization Issues 

Irregular Infrastructure Maintenance.png

Irregular Infrastructure Maintenance

Security Compromises.png

Security Compromises

Vehicle Parking Issues .png

Vehicle Parking Issues 

Improper Waste Disposal.png

Improper Waste Disposal

Mismanaged Traffics & Transportation.png

Mismanaged Traffics & Transportation

The AI powered video analytics system brings quality of life for people harnessing the power of real time and historical data with smart analytics.


Optimized Energy Consumption  


Effective monitoring in crimes and safety breaches


Regulated waste management

Areas of Application

Transforming conventional cities into smarter ones by enabling the smart navigation system for data driven infrastructures, optimized energy utilization and regulated waste management and much more

Security & Surveillance in Smart Cities with AI Video Analytics

Security & Surveillance

AI video surveillance provides real-time analysis and detection of criminal behaviour, classification & recognition of people/objects, and generation of instant alerts in case of suspicious activities.  

Predictive Roadway Maintenance with AI Video Analytics.jpg

Predictive Roadway Maintenance

Automated road imagery helps to detect prevailing issues like cracks or holes so alerts for repairs are generated to ensure safety and save costs

Energy Tracking & Prediction in Smart Cities with AI Video Analytics

Energy Tracking & Prediction

The smart navigation system helps to analyse and track energy consumption of businesses and citizens and accordingly predict and optimise energy utilisation for future with renewable options.

Environmental Monitoring in Smart Cities with AI Video Analytics

Environmental Monitoring

The AI & machine learning algorithms helps to monitor and track pollution levels and types, carbon footprints, waste generations enabling concerned authorities to make well-informed decisions to reduce environmental impacts.

Smart Parking System in Smart Cities with AI Video Analytics

Smart Parking System

AI-based parking helps to detect cars that have outstayed hours using the license plate recognition technology; notify space availability to the awaiting users; and recommend parking spaces depending on the car size and many more. 

Public Transportation Management in Smart Cities with AI Video Analytics

Public Transportation Management

AI in transportation innovates public transportation through real-time updates of public vehicles and tracking of public transport, to improvise timing and customer satisfaction. 

Waste Management in Smart Cities with AI Video Analytics

Waste Management

The video analytic system classify different types of wastes, detect and alert illegal dumping, monitor waste disposal, track recycling, and many more; thus, ensuring efficient waste management in cities.

Traffic Management in Smart Cities with AI Video Analytics

Traffic Management

The smart traffic management system helps to reduce traffic and accidents through real time heat maps of rush prone areas, over speed vehicle detection, slow vehicle traffic detection, over height vehicle collision alerts, and many more.

Crime detection & tracking in Smart Cities with AI Video Analytics

Crime detection & tracking

The smart AI-enabled cameras can instantly detect and alert criminal/illegal activities happening in the cities like theft, vandalism, security breaches with records of insights for handling legal suits.

Behavioural Monitoring in Smart Cities with AI Video Analytics

Behavioural Monitoring

The smart AI video analytics can be used to monitor behaviour as well as detect and alert improper human behaviour like fighting, vandalism, pedestrian way violation, over-crowding, theft and the like.

Smart Site Safety System

Safer & Secure Cities with

Smart Site Safety System

  • Real-time monitoring utilizing sensors, cameras, and IoT devices  

  • Mobile accessibility and remote management to ensure safety protocols from anywhere

  • Video surveillance to identify safety violations & investigate incidences

Easy Setup and Application

Only 3 steps to deploy:

1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitor via cloud or edge

No extra censoring device required!

Catalyzing the next generation transformation in cities with AI video analytics

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Unique Value Prepositions


Edge AI Benefits

Highly deployable AI on Cloud, On-Prem & Hybrid modes with above 90% accuracy in real industrial condition to scale jobsite safety with cost effectivity and data privacy.


Plug & Play Facility

No-code AI for industrial level deployments with minimal requirement of technical knowhow to drive efficacy and agility with lower deployment costs.


Cross Platform Integration

Integrate multiple data source or service with extensibility at each point: AI modules, hardware, cameras, and applications to boost effective management.


Infrastructure Security

Secure AI deployments with advanced authentication and encryption along with the privacy preserving AI from cloud to edge to mitigate security issues.


Responsible AI

Responsible vision intelligence with restricted access to system and data transfer adhering strictly to data protection and privacy regulations by GDPR.

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