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viAct for Construction Industry

Digitizing construction Jobsite to improve safety, enhance workflow and prevent environmental non-compliances using World’s first Scenario based AI, Video Analytics enabled Construction Management Software


Each year, 10.2 of every 100,000 construction workers suffer workplace injuries leading 72% of projects taking longer than anticipated time.”

Report by

Report by BLS & AGC

Safety & Productivity Hazards in Construction Industry

Why viAct's Construction Safety Solution is highly trusted?
The scenario based AI records real-time interactions of manpower, machinery and material and alert supervisors for potential safety concerns, productivity issues and environmental non-compliances.


Reduction in Accidents & Injuries


Enhanced Transparency in workflow


Cheaper than Manual Monitoring

Areas of Application

The industrial grade AI prowess construction jobsite with data driven insights for bringing up targeted safety initiatives and workflow transparency with Construction Management Software

Improving Construction Safety with
Video Surveillance Systems (VSS)

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Video Surveillance System (VSS) for Construction Safety

PPE Detection

Fire & Smoke Detection

Danger Zone Intrusion Alerts

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Slip, Trip & Falls

Confined Space
Work Monitoring

Vehicle/ Machinery Collision Alert

Boosting Construction Productivity with
Video Surveillance Systems (VSS)

EHS Solution for Construction
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Progress Tracking

Excavation Progress Tracking

Fleet Management

Frame 3996.png

Face Recognition

Access Detection

Frame 3997.png
Construction Project Management

Automatic Worker

Material Classification

Preventing Environmental Non Compliances
Video Surveillance Systems (VSS)

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Dump Truck Cover Detection

Illegal Dumping Detection

Vehicle Dirty Wheel Detection

Gas/Water Leakage Detection

Waste Management

Smart Construction Monitoring
Construction Safety Management Software

Instant Alert at Rescue

✓ On-site light & sound alarms for ground workforce with our Construction Project Management & Property Management Software
✓ Remote alerts on Email/SMS/WhatsApp for off-site managers
Alert History with captured image and videos along with analytic report with our Construction & Property Management/ Property Maintenance Software

ALL-in-ONE Dashboard for Data Driven Accuracy

✓ Real-time Reports of the Workflow with Precision

✓ Faster Documentation & Proactive Tracking of Records

✓ Consolidated Report of Notifications & Reminders at a Glance

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Construction Health & Safety, Quality Software Solutions

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For more details about user benefits of our Construction Project Management AI Video Analytics Software for Contractors, Subcontractors and Other Stakeholders

How it works ?
Only 3 Simple Steps in One Go!

1. Capture with your available cameras
2. Process with our AI technology
3. Monitor via cloud or edge


Unique Value Prepositions


Edge AI Benefits

Highly deployable AI on Cloud, On-Prem & Hybrid modes with above 90% accuracy in real industrial condition to scale jobsite safety with cost effectivity and data privacy.


Plug & Play Facility

No-code AI for industrial level deployments with minimal requirement of technical knowhow to drive efficacy and agility with lower deployment costs.


Cross Platform Integration

Integrate multiple data source or service with extensibility at each point: AI modules, hardware, cameras, and applications to boost effective management.


Infrastructure Security

Secure AI deployments with advanced authentication and encryption along with the privacy preserving AI from cloud to edge to mitigate security issues.


Responsible AI

Responsible vision intelligence with restricted access to system and data transfer adhering strictly to data protection and privacy regulations by GDPR.

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Construction Management Software

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