Construction Technology Trends: 2021-2022

Market Predictions & Research Updates

Construction Technology Whitepaper.png

Digitization in construction has become the hot topic all across the industry especially after the safety concerns raised by the COVID-19 pandemic!


Many market reports and research literature predict a growing trend of adaptation in digital technologies due to many antecedents and scenarios.

viAct therefore has taken a step forward to collect secondary data from both market analysis reports and research literature with the objective to address the following questions:

  • What are the major pain points existing in the construction job sites?

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the technology adoption in the construction industry?

  • What are the major antecedents that have provoked the adoption of technology in the construction industry?

  • Which technologies was the “Talk-of-the-Town” for the construction industry in 2021?

  • What is the growth trend for construction tech market in the coming years?

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