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AI Powered Smart Site Safety System:

Frontier for New Age Construction

AI Powered Smart Site Safety System_ Frontier for New Age Construction.jpeg

What’s inside?

  • Introduction to Smart Site Safety System

  • Adequacies of Smart Site Safety System

  • Exclusive Note by Mr. Batu Hofer: Smart Site Safety System Use Data to Optimize Construction Project Viability

  • Applications of Smart Site Safety Systems Instant Alerts for PPE Non-Compliances

  • Exclusive Note by Mr. Cameron Stevens: Smart Site Safety Systems Creates Connected Jobsites Enabling Data-driven Decisions

  • Preventing Fatalities through Danger Zone Access Control

  • Preventing Fatalities through Confined Space Work Monitoring

  • Immediate Preventable Actions with Unsafe Act/Dangerous Situation Alert System

  • How does a 4S platform work?

  • Exclusive Note by Mr. Idamie Vincent: Smart Site Safety Systems Facilitates Robust Regulations to Heave Construction Safety

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