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Smart Site Safety System (SSSS)

Reducing accidents and fatalities at critical jobsites, plants and other workplaces through smart safety monitoring system using AI, IoT and video analytics

Best Smart Site Solution for Safety in Hong Kong


On an average; 7,500 people die every single day across the world due to unsafe and unhealthy working conditions.

Report by

United Nations

Why Smart Site Safety System (4S) is Essential for Workplace Safety?


Reduce fatal workplace accidents to promote physical and psychological safety among workforce


Improve transparency of the workflow to increase operational productivity and efficiency


Enhanced connectivity, efficient data management and analysis for a smarter monitoring of jobsites

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Oil & Gas


Smart Cities





With a series of smart solutions, proactive digitization of workplace safety monitoring is established at workplaces to mitigate occupational injuries


in workplace accidents


Enhanced transparency in workflow


Effective than manual surveillance


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Smart Site Safety System (SSSS Construction Software)

Areas of Application of Smart Site Safety System (SSSS)

viHUB offers a medium for stakeholders to digitally monitor site safety performance and respond, manage and record the insights that have been captured by the AI cameras and/or IoT devices

Centralized Management Platform for Construction in Hong Kong
Digitalized Permit-to-Work System

Digitalized Permit-to-Work System

The video analytics platform offers a digitized permit-to-work (PTWs) system through online application, issuance and tracking of permit-to-work/ permit-to-move and operates using a mobile device

Digitized Tracking System

Real-time tracking of powered tools in critical jobsites through unique digital identification helps to provide up-to-date status of test certification, examination, checking & maintenance of tools.


The smart solution detects PPE non-compliance on the part of workers by constantly monitoring the worksite by analyzing the video data from the CCTV cameras


The AI navigation system sends out danger zone alerts in case worker(s)/ any other person(s) enters into a restricted area or danger zone like holes, electrical fencing, lifting zones, wet floors, etc.


The AIoT powered portable viMOV device tracks atmospheric changes, control & monitor confined space entry access, alert extreme temperatures and more by merely sitting in the control room


Unsafe Act/ Dangerous Situation Alert System

The AI powered system instantaneously generates real-time alerts on detecting any safety non-compliance/ unsafe act/ dangerous situation, enabling necessary preventive measures

Safety Training with Virtual Reality Technology

Captured insights recorded in the centralized management platform can be used to train workers about the risky situation in the jobsites associated with high-risk activities

Safety Training with Virtual Reality Technology

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
by clients about Smart Site Safety System (SSSS)

How does the viAct’s AI-powered Smart Site Safety System (4S) enhance safety measures on construction sites?

The AI-powered Smart Site Safety System (4S) in Hong Kong revolutionizes construction site safety by employing advanced AI algorithms to detect and predict potential hazards in real time. Through constant monitoring of site activities, the centralized management platform (CMP) helps in swiftly identifying risks, enabling proactive interventions and fostering a culture of preventive safety measures thereby significantly reducing accidents and ensuring worker well-being.

How accurate and reliable is viAct’s SSSS Construction system in providing digitalized PTW solution as compared to traditional methods?

viAct’s SSSS Construction system offers a significantly higher accuracy and reliability in providing digitalized Permit-to-Work (PTW) solutions as compared to traditional methods. By leveraging AI video analytics for real-time risk assessment and automated authorization processes, the AI powered workflow based digital PTW minimizes human error, expedites approvals, ensures compliance, and enhances overall safety protocol adherence, markedly surpassing the efficacy of manual PTW systems.

What are the installation requirements for viAct’s 4S construction Software?

The 4S construction software by viAct is extremely easy to install. viAct’s scenario-based AI could be connected to existing CCTVs just with the RTSP link. It is designed in a way that anyone with minimal to no expertise in AI can install and use viAct’s 4S construction system in a simple plug & play manner.

Is there a learning curve for site personnels to effectively use Construction Data Management Portal (CDMP) of viAct’s 4S construction system?

The Construction Data Management Portal (CDMP) & the Centralized Management Platform (CMP) of viAct’s 4S system is designed with an intuitive interface, ensuring there's no significant learning curve for site personnel. Its user-friendly dashboard offers clear, easy-to-understand visuals and functionalities, allowing seamless navigation and quick comprehension, eliminating the need for extensive training or specialized expertise.

Which other industries can use viAct’s 4S construction system to detect and prevent potential worksite hazards?

4S construction system by viAct has adaptable AI-powered hazard detection capabilities that extends beyond construction and real-estate, benefiting industries like manufacturing, logistics, mining, and oil and gas. The smart features of viAct’s SSSS Construction like the Construction Data Management Portal (CDMP), the Centralized Management Platform (CMP), Digitalized Permit-to-Work (PTW), Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) helps in proactive risk identification and prevention mechanisms through instant reporting and record keeping despite of complex operational environments, reducing accidents and ensuring worker safety across diverse sectors.

How it Works?
3 Simple Steps In One Go!

  1. Any IP Camera & CCTV Installed On-site

  2. Connecting with viAct’s AI Cloud

  3. Monitoring on Client’s End

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