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How Can Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) Improve Safety Performance of Jobsites in Hong Kong?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Workplace safety has always been a point of concern for the Government of Hong Kong. Regularly reviewing the safety management system in public works is an important approach towards this end. Apart from this, the government also takes several other steps to uphold site safety performance that includes evaluation of tenders, supervision of works, regulation of contractors, measures related to project design and contract provision, publicity, promotion and most importantly, technological adoption. Thus, site safety is a matter of top priority for the Government of HK.

What is Smart Site Safety System (SSSS Construction)?

Smart Site Safety System or SSSS are innovative systems, powered by advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet-of-Things (IoT) and video analytics, to gather huge amounts of data from every nook-and-corner of a construction jobsite to facilitate better control of major accidents and casualties in the jobsite.

The SSSS collects real-time data from the jobsite and transfers the data to a centralized management platform, enabling the project team/ stakeholders to have a better grasp of the real-time happenings in the entire construction jobsite. Further, whenever any safety non-compliance/ risk is detected by the AI-powered cameras, the system sends out alerts immediately, enabling the safety management staff and workers on-site to instantly get aware of the risky situation and take timely measures. On the top of it, the centralized management platform can collect site safety performance data that can be used by the project team/ stakeholders for further analysis as well as provide them with greater information about the site situations, facilitating the formulation of targeted safety measures.

Thus, SSSS is a holistic solution for the project teams/stakeholders to ensure complete workplace safety.

Why Smart Site Safety System (4S Construction) is getting popular in Hong Kong?

Reports state that, Hong Kong has recorded 1,399 industrial accidents in the first half of 2022 and 13 deaths of construction workers in the same year.

In response to the large number of jobsite fatalities and the growing concern towards improving workplace safety; in the recent years, the Government has aimed at re-shaping the culture of site safety with collaborated efforts on the part of the stakeholders from the industry. In consonance with this, the government has been allocating huge resources on a number of initiatives. One such initiatives includes active promotion of the use of new and innovative construction technologies and methods that can enhance site safety as well as augment safety management in jobsites. As a result of this, “Smart Site Safety System” (SSSS) has been gaining a widespread popularity in HK as a best fit solution to improve safety performance in jobsites.

How Can Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) Improve Safety Performance in Hong Kong?

SSSS can improve safety performance of jobsites in Hong Kong in the following ways:

  • Centralized Management Platform: The centralized management platform (CPM) is at the core of SSSS. It acts as the medium for the stakeholders to monitor the site safety performance online. Further, all the insights like videos, images, audios etc. captured by AI cameras are displayed in the CPM on the corresponding monitors and the data can be viewed anytime later by the stakeholders for subsequent analysis. Thus, it is the CPM that responds, manages and records the insights that have been captured by the SSSS components like AI cameras or IoT devices.

  • Digitized Tracking System: In order to ensure holistic safety in construction jobsites, it is necessary to ensure safety of the 3M’s of construction – men, machine and materials. SSSS allows real-time tracking of the site plants, powered tools and ladders. The unique digital identification provides up-to-date status of test certification, examination, checking and maintenance of tools. This facilitates stakeholders in the maintenance of equipment in construction sites and even plants.

  • Digitalized Permit-to-Work System: SSSS offers a digitized permit-to-work (PTWs) system through online application, issuance and tracking of permit-to-work/ permit-to-move and operate using a mobile device. This helps further enhance safety performance in construction jobsites.

  • Unsafe Act / Dangerous Situation Alert System: The SSSS is equipped with a system of instant alerts that generates real-time and immediate alerts as soon as any safety non-compliance/ unsafe act/ dangerous situation is detected by AI video analytics. This acts as a ‘warning system’ for stakeholders and workers so that they can take necessary preventive measures before it is too late.

  • PPE Detection: The SSSS helps detect PPE non-compliance on the part of workers by constantly monitoring the worksite by analyzing the video data from the CCTV cameras already installed in construction jobsite. The PPE Detection System uses AI algorithms to detect whether or not workers are wearing (proper) PPE. In case any PPE non-compliance is detected, instant and real-time alerts are sent out to the stakeholders to enable them correct the PPE issue quickly. Thus, the SSSS provides for a smart PPE detection solution for construction.

  • Danger Zone Access Control: This system is smart enough to undergo danger zone intrusion detection. It can send out danger zone alerts in case worker(s) or any other person(s) enters into a restricted area or danger zone like holes, fencing, lifting zones, wet floors, etc. Not only this, the danger zone intrusion detection system is also capable of detecting missing barriers/ fencing around danger zones and alert the concerned stakeholders to take necessary steps to prevent accidents in the jobsite.

  • Confined Space Safety Monitoring: Combining the power of AI and vision intelligence, the SSSS helps increase transparency in confined space works, in turn boosting workers’ safety inside confined spaces. The confined space monitoring system helps stakeholders to track atmospheric changes, control and monitor confined space entry access, detect flowing solids and liquids, alert extreme temperatures and more by merely sitting in the control room. This gives them a better control over the confined space works.

  • Safety Training with Virtual Reality Technology: Finally, the SSSS enables safety training using virtual reality technology for workers, especially the ones engaged in high-risk activities. The captured insights recorded in the centralized management platform can be used to teach and train workers about the various risky situation in the jobsites.

How can viAct Re-define Site Safety in Hong Kong?

viAct’s smart site safety system leverages the power of AI video analytics to offer wide-ranging safety solutions for the construction industry. The construction management system uses video analytics for workplace safety to detect any safety non-compliance/ unsafe act/ dangerous situation in the construction jobsites, like PPE non-compliance; danger zone intrusion; falls from height (FFHs); slips, trips & falls (STPs); and the like. Further, viAct’s proprietary scenario-based AI is capable of monitoring safety in various construction scenarios like, work at height safety monitoring and confined space works. Further, viAct’s SSSS is equipped with a system of instant alerts that sends out real-time alerts as well as notifies the on-site and remote stakeholders of any risky situation via SMS, e-mail, or instant messaging apps. This helps keeping stakeholders aware of their jobsite happenings.

On the top of it, its centralized management platform – viHUB, is an ALL-IN-ONE platform for data, insights and automation. This digital works supervision system (DWSS) for construction jobsites records all the insights captured by the AI-powered cameras that can be viewed anytime later and from anywhere, enabling the project teams to undergo remote inspection of construction jobsites.

Thus, through its smart site safety system, viAct can augment the site safety performance and re-define site safety of jobsites in Hong Kong.


Want to Improve Site Safety Performance in your Construction Jobsite with SSSS Construction?

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