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viAct Sustainability Report 2020-2023

 First in Construction Technology Ecosystem 

viAct Sustainability Report 2020-2023.png

viAct is one of the first ConTech company across the globe to voluntarily publish its Sustainability Report after development of impact measurement matrix in Google Startups for Sustainability Development Program (2023).

The report outlines viAct’s approach in integrating sustainability within own operations and delivering sustainable solution to clients.

The report is a documentation of viAct’s sustainability journey from inception covering environmental, social and governance aspects through “AI for Good” ethos.

  • Environmental Contributions: viAct promotes ecofriendly operations while conducting business activities aiming at minimizing negative impacts on the environment through artificial intelligence.

  • Social Imperatives: viAct promotes social sustainability by integrating AI for ethical business practices, diverse workforce and client solutions fostering inclusivity and fairness.

  • Governance Considerations: viAct ensures governance within internal operations with ethical conduct and fosters transparency in client’s operations through scenario-based AI.

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