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Augmenting Workplace Safety with Artificial Intelligence

 Trend Report 2022-2023 

Augmenting Workplace Safety with Artificial Intelligence Trend Report 2022-2023.png

Last few years have been drastic change in workplaces with growing concerns on workforce safety especially in the critical industrial premises.

Infact, it's well accepted that "Safety" & "Productivity" complement each other!


To augment the scenario of workplace safety, adoption of path breaking technological innovations with AI, Video Analytics and IoT are reported worldwide.

viAct therefore gathered information from various secondary sources to address the following questions:

  • What are the major causes of occupational injuries in 2022 that bothered the safety officers?

  • Which are the four most riskiest industrial jobsites across globe?

  • Which technology innovation was the "Talk-of-the-Town" for promoting workplace safety in 2022?

  • What is the growth trend for AI to become a helping hand for the EHS teams in promoting workplace safety by 2023?

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