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Get all project stakeholders on the same page about progress with viAct, the leading platform for Construction Progress Management.

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Construction projects fail to complete on committed time


Construction projects
go over budget


Construction project fall short in
delivering the expected outcome

Improper planning of time, money and material remains the three hurdles that prevent a project from becoming a success. So, what is the way out?


The Choice is Yours

Either rely on manual construction photography or choose viAct​ Construction Photo Documentation

Manual Way

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Cumbersome & Time-taking

Group 3072.png

Requires More Manpower

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Human Prejudice and False Reporting

With viAct

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Error-free Progress Tracking

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Saves Time and Labor

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Enables the Remote Stakeholders to Have an Instant Site Visibility

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Better Transparency In the Workflow and Prevents Rework

Documentation has never been this Easy!

viAct 360°Camera makes Construction Photo documentation so handy that you’ll have your site completely documented, all the time.

connect 360 camera
navigate through map
status of job


Before Journey

Connect 360° Camera with viAct’s APP, that’s it!


Walk through Jobsite

The documentation journey starts with a simple push start button on camera and walk through the jobsite. We will automatically capture what’s truly happening and get all the documentation stored.


Upload Your Digital Asset

You can upload all the video to viAct’s AI cloud and get analysis data, reports, alerts and more in minutes, not hours or days.

Projects in Control at Anytime, Anywhere!

viAct gives you complete control from an intuitive virtual control panel - viAct App that helps you have an accurate level of understanding at every site, making sure that your projects are delivered on time and on budget.


All the documentation is organized by projects, floor plans and time. You can see the project progress and find photo or video evidence instantly at anytime and from anywhere.

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By leveraging your 360 videos, viAct can automatically track visual scopes of work for the drywall, ceiling and floor, and auto define and categorize construction projects so that you can track progress against schedule, budget and labor.

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viAct will analyze your on-site capture by comparing with your planned design and resolve issues before they hit your budget or schedule; You can also send reminder to workers through mobile notification on special / emergent events.


viAct’ live dashboard and push notifications will keep you up-to-date with progress and discrepancies;

It also supports multiple layers of emergency response and alert escalation mechanisms.

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See it in 3D Space

autodesk forge

viAct - Autodesk ® enable you to view your construction jobsite with three-dimensional view. You can visualize real time happenings surrounding your construction site

construction cloud

It effortlessly monitors the productivity and ensures the safety of the jobsite directly within Autodesk Construction Cloud®


viAct’s smart alerts on Autodesk BIM360® model can tell users which location or area needs to be paid extra attention

autodesk forge
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