Connecting AI with ESG

viAct presents feasible solutions across all three dimensions - Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) - through vision Intelligence powered by 5G network connectivity.

viAct's ESG AI Module


of investors say that they plan to double their ESG assets in five years

viAct helps governments & construction companies to attain a higher ESG preposition by making the traditional incommodious construction business an environmentally sustainable, socially accountable and digitally smarter one.

viAct's ESG Solution

AI Modules that Save the Environment

Protected Workforce with AI Safety Modules

The social criterion majorly focus on workforce harmony which emphasizes on workforce safety and protection. viAct’s AI Safety Modules are made-to-order options for any construction site to mitigate this issue.

Transparent Information Flow Among Stakeholders

viAct brings all stakeholders at a single platform for dissemination of information by automated progress tracking to provide better governance and management of construction projects

All modules of viAct are exclusively linked to the cloud facility that helps in giving instant alerts to on-site workers and remote stakeholders through email, SMS or any other messaging app

viAct’s smart dashboard helps in giving an instant look into trends of accidents, non-compliance as well as progress of the construction site

viAct | Transparent Information Flow Among Stakeholders

How it Works?
Only 3 Simple Steps In One Go!

  1. Any IP Camera & CCTV Installed On-site

  2. Connecting with viAct’s AI Cloud

  3. Monitoring on Client’s End

Why viAct?

We help to make Better Environmental Compliance, Jobsite Safety & Hygiene and Improves ESG Scoring




Staff Workloads Reduced


Record Keeping & Documentation

viAct's ESG Compliance Solution
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