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The No.1 AI-enabled
Construction VSS (Video Surveillance System) in Singapore

  • Adopted by Singapore's Leading real estate developers and contractors

  • Designed to meet the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Singapore recently announced VSS requirements

The No.1 AI-enabled Construction VSS (Video Surveillance System) in Singapore
  • Powered by Video Analytics (Computer Vision) & Generative AI

Recognised by the Leaders
across the World!


Technology Pioneer 2023 by the World Economic Forum


Google Startups for Sustainable Developments

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Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2022

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Leading PropTech 50
(China Region)

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World of Safety and Health Asia Award 2022

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Top50 ConTech Startups 2020 by CEMEX Ventures

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Sector Winner SLINGSHOT2021 by Enterprise Singapore

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Top 6 Finalist Nominated in Austria’s josef umdasch research prize 2022

Complete Construction Monitoring with 'ZERO BLIND SPOT'

  • Surveillance of Construction Activities with 100+ Computer Vision (Video Analytics) Modules/Checkpoints

  • Enabling Real-time Oversight of Operations through Generative AI Powered Dashboard

  • Identifying Safety Breaches Instantly with Real-Time Alerts (Remote and On-site)

  • Promptly Addressing any Unsafe Practices through Data Driven Actionable Insights

Complete Construction Monitoring with 'ZERO BLIND SPOT'

Modernizing CCTV Video Surveillance System (VSS) with viAct AI

Traditional VSS

Modernizing CCTV Video Surveillance System (VSS) with viAct AI
Modernizing CCTV Video Surveillance System (VSS) in Singapore

Existing CCTV

Connect to Existing CCTV with RTSP Link

Modernizing CCTV Video Surveillance System (VSS) in Singapore with AI Video Analytics

AI Video Analytics

Processing Video Feeds Automatically

Modern VSS

Modernizing CCTV Video Surveillance System (VSS) in Singapore

Real-time Alerts

For immediate proactive action & transparent information flow

Modernizing CCTV Video Surveillance System (VSS) in Singapore

Predictive Analysis

Actionable Insights to ensure sustainable operation

Endless Opportunities:
100+ Pre-Built
AI Modules/Checkpoints

*Highest in Asia

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Detection

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Detection

Missing Barricades Detection

Missing Barricades Detection

Prevent Accidents and Promote a Safe Jobsite Environment

Boost team spirit and elevate overall efficiency by equipping teams with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure workplace safety.

Mitigate the likelihood of accidents and injuries through the implementation of AI enabled Video Surveillance System (VSS) with 100+ detections like Pedestrian Intrusion into Vehicular Area, Work at Height (Fell from Height), Man-Machinery Proximity and much more.

Unauthorized Access Dtection/Intrusion Detection

Unauthorized Access Dtection/Intrusion Detection

Worker Behavior Analysis

Worker Behavior Analysis

Unlock Your Teams’ True Potential with Better Productivity

Increase overall productivity of machines, material and manpower and decrease cost by getting better analysis of all assets. viAct ensures almost 'ZERO' lost working time!


Labour Working Hours Monitoring


Worker Behaviour Analysis & Idle Time Reporting


Floor & Stage Progress Monitoring


Worker Location Monitoring & Missing Report

AI improving Productivity of Singapore Construction Industry

viAct helped
Singapore Construction Industry

achieve better ROI

  • Using Construction data, viAct helps to slash non-productive hours per worker from 3 hours to mere 30 minutes.

  • With inculcation of Generative AI, viAct detects to prevent 4 million unsafe acts each year.


Lesser Safety Breaches


Reduction in Reporting Time


Projects Completed with Housing and Development Board (HDB) and other A1 Contractors


Years of Experience in The Field

viAct helped Singapore Construction Industry achieve better ROI
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with Vehicle Entry Exit Time Reporting, Tower Crane Lifting Zone Monitoring and Tower Crane Lifting Zone Monitoring

Elevate Efficiency with Complete Asset Visibility

Avoid repairs, accidents and lost working hours for all kinds of machines, vehicles & fleets to keep jobsite running smoothly without any productivity loss.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with Vehicle Entry Exit Time Reporting


Tower Crane Lifting Zone Monitoring

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Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking

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Worker Machine Proximity Alerts

How it Works?
Only 3 Simple Steps In One Go!

Commencing the process is effortless: viAct seamlessly integrates with your current CCTV cameras in a matter of minutes, deploys completely within days, and necessitates no additional hardware.

  1. Any IP Camera & CCTV Installed On-site

  2. Connecting with viAct’s AI Cloud

  3. Monitoring on Client’s End

The World 1st Portable
AI Enabled Video Surveillance System (VSS)

viMOV The World 1st Portable AI Enabled Video Surveillance System (VSS)

Plug & Play


High Mobility

50 Hours Battery Capacity

Wireless Alert System

Industry Leading Accuracy


High Mobility & Easy Portability

  • viMOV is eclusively designed for remote locations with no electricity and internet connectivity

  • Fully complaint with LTA (Land Transport Authority), PUB (Public Utilities Board) and MOM (Ministry of Manpower), Singapore guidelines

  • Extreme weather condition ressistance with 90%+ accurancy of Video Analytics (Computer Vision) monitoring

  • Sends local light & sound alarm in 1 second to workers on sites; Sends instant mobile alert to on-site safety officers or site agent by SMS/email

viMOV The World 1st Portable AI Enabled Video Surveillance System (VSS)


Battery Capacity :
Lasts for approximately 50 hours once fully recharged, power supply unit included

Optional item :
Local sound and light alarm

AI Processor :
GPU or CPU (subject to change)

4GB 64-bit

LCD Display :
7” LCD display included

Camera :
1 - 4 pcs included

Network :
4G connection ready

Power Supply:
Direct use of AC 220V 50Hz / 60Hz or lithium-ion battery

What our clients say about us

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Raymond Ko

Director and General Manager Shui On Construction Co Ltd

@viAct's AI  Construction Management Software solution provide instant alerts to anticipate real-time on-site risk, helping contractor to reduce hundreds of man hours on monitoring plus notify all stakeholders at once 👌👌👌

Group 3083.png

Project Safety Officer

Bouygues Travaux Publics

After deploying @viAct’s smart AI monitoring solution, we are certainly seeing 80% less fatal accidents in the jobsite. 🚧

The Modules are really easy to use – just plug & play. Also the on-boarding process was very swift.

Thank You @viAct 😍! For such easy to use monitoring solutions.

Ellipse 267.png

Juan Nieto

Venture Analyst & Asia Representative CEMEX Ventures

@viAct's smart cloud has been a game changer on construction monitoring 👏

Their Construction Management Software AI modules marketplace allow enterprises to keep check their work progress in different construction stages, highly controlling risk and schedule.

Mundo Vezi Testimonial

Mfundo Vezi

Section Manager
ALEC Engineering and Contracting LLC

As we handle huge projects, it is often a headache for us to keep a track of waste management. This not only makes the construction site unhygienic but is a great hurdle to our daily operations. viAct’s AI solution has helped us in keeping the jobsite clean and waste managed.

@viAct has been a great partner in making our construction site sustainable.

Frame 519.png

Tim Leung

Project Manager, Sha Tin to Central Link, MTR Corporation Limited

@viAct helped us come through! The AI-enabled auto-monitoring solutions enabled us to reduce manpower that was otherwise consumed on documentation and reorient them towards more complicated tasks, improving the quality per project.

@viAct we were also able to increase workers' safety awareness. This helped put us in much better position.


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