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Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD): viAct creating connected construction jobsites in Singapore

Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), AI for Construction, IDD, Workplace Safety, Video Analytics in Workplace Safety
Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD): viAct creating connected construction jobsites in Singapore

Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) stands as a transformative approach that harnesses the power of digital technologies to seamlessly integrate work processes and foster collaboration among stakeholders involved in a construction project, spanning the entire lifecycle of a building. At its core, IDD is a pivotal component of the Built Environment Industry Transformation Map (BEITM) by Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore, aligning closely with Singapore's overarching initiatives to revolutionize the sector.


The primary objective is to cultivate a highly skilled workforce proficient in utilizing cutting-edge technologies in architecture, engineering, construction, and operations. IDD goes beyond individual stages of a construction project, encompassing design, fabrication, on-site assembly, operations, and maintenance. It ensures a seamless flow of digital information throughout the project's lifecycle. IDD encourages the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies in architecture, engineering, and construction. This includes the utilization of data analytics to enhance project visualization and decision-making.


In conclusion, Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) is not merely a technological initiative; it is a strategic vision for transforming the entire construction and building lifecycle. Through digital integration, collaboration, and upskilling, IDD sets the stage for a future-ready built environment sector in Singapore, marked by efficiency, sustainability, and global leadership in construction practices. It is considered impactful by Building and Construction Authority in Singapore promoting the notion of AI for construction.


viAct is a pioneer in generating scenario-based analysis of construction sites aided with modern technologies. The use of viAct’s Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) provides an edge over others in systematised monitoring of the worksite.

Here are 5 reasons why viAct’s Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) needs to be incorporated for digital construction:

1. Accelerated and Seamless procedures enhancing effectiveness

viAct's IDD incorporates real-time monitoring through advanced video analytics. This enables instant detection of anomalies allowing for swift corrective actions and optimization. IDD, powered by viAct, provides insights into resource utilization. This includes personnel deployment, equipment usage, and material management. Optimizing these resources enhances overall operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


viAct's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) supports automation of routine processes, allowing for greater efficiency in task execution. Automation reduces manual intervention, minimizing the risk of errors and accelerating project timelines. viAct's Integrated Digital Delivery plays a crucial role in optimizing efficiency across the construction and building lifecycle. Through real-time monitoring, analytics, and collaboration. viAct's IDD platform empowers construction professionals to make informed decisions, streamline workflows, and create a more efficient and resilient built environment.

2. Enhanced Information Accessibility leading to boosts in profitability

viAct’s IDD provides a centralized platform called viHUb for storing and accessing project data. This hub ensures that all relevant information is readily available to authorized users, streamlining communication and collaboration. It is dynamic in nature reflecting the analysis of the real-time data monitoring.


viAct's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) leverages real-time analytics to process data instantly. This capability allows stakeholders to access meaningful insights promptly, enabling quick responses to emerging issues and facilitating informed decision-making. The platform facilitates efficient communication by providing instant access to messages, updates, and project-related documentation. This streamlined communication ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed, reducing delays and misunderstandings.


viAct's IDD promotes data-driven decision-making by providing stakeholders with actionable insights derived from real-time and historical data. This approach ensures that decisions are based on accurate and relevant information.

3. Anticipating construction challenges to ensure workforce safety

viAct's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) system includes real-time monitoring using advanced video analytics. This allows for the immediate detection of anomalies, safety hazards, and potential challenges on construction sites. Early identification enables proactive measures to address issues before they escalate. It detects PPE irregularities, barrier defaults, improper ways of climbing ropes, danger zone alerts and precautions for working in confined spaces.

The real-time insights provided by viAct's IDD contribute to effective emergency response planning. In the event of unforeseen challenges or emergencies, the system aids in swift decision-making, ensuring the safety protocols are implemented promptly. The predictive analytics capabilities of viAct's IDD extend to equipment maintenance. By anticipating potential equipment failures, the system supports proactive maintenance, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safe operation of machinery.


viAct's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) conducts scenario-based analysis, simulating various situations to assess potential risks. This proactive approach allows for the formulation of strategies to address challenges before they manifest, enhancing overall safety on construction sites.

4. Augmented collaboration yielding elevated construction quality

The video analytics capabilities of viAct's IDD allow stakeholders to gain valuable insights from construction site footage. This shared visual information enhances communication and collaboration by providing a clear understanding of project status and potential challenges.


viAct's IDD allows remote accessibility to project information. Team members can collaborate from different locations, ensuring that experts and stakeholders can contribute to discussions and decision-making regardless of physical proximity, promoting a diverse and collaborative workforce.


The real-time monitoring capabilities of viAct's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) contribute to quality assurance. By providing a shared understanding of construction activities, stakeholders can collectively assess adherence to quality standards, identify potential issues, and collaboratively implement corrective measures.

5. Future-Ready Construction

Incorporating viAct's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) prepares construction firms for the future of digital construction, where technology-driven innovation and automation play a crucial role. By embracing digital transformation through IDD, construction companies can stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry landscape, adapt to changing market demands, and deliver projects more efficiently and sustainably.

In summary, viAct's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) system enhances collaboration in construction projects by providing real-time insights, visualizations, automated documentation, and streamlined communication. This collaborative environment contributes to elevated standards in construction quality, as team members work together more efficiently and effectively throughout the project lifecycle.


Want to Strengthen the Safety in Your Construction Jobsite

with Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)?


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