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 How ChatGPT Can Become a Breakthrough Innovation in Construction Industry? 

Generative AI Propelling ConTech Ecosystem with Video Analytics How ChatGPT Can Become a Breakthrough Innovation in Construction Industry?

Recent times have seen tremendous buzz across generative AI, after the spur of ChatGPT which was launched in November 2022.

Despite its possibilities to aid construction professionals in data driven decision making by leveraging the power of natural language processing; the scope of Generative AI has been an underexplored topic especially in the construction ecosystem.

viAct therefore brings for the first-time a consolidated overview on future scope of generative AI to develop meaningful innovation in ConTech conjugating the abilities of Video Analytics with the objective to address the following questions:

  • How Generative AI can add value to entire lifecycle of an infrastructure?

  • How Video Analytics & Generative AI together can boost traditional construction monitoring?

  • What are the possible applications of ChatGPT in ConTech Ecosystem?

  • How ChatGPT-4 can add extra edges to safety and productivity during the construction process?

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