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Visionary Vigilance: AI-Driven Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) Redefining Construction Safety in Singapore

AI-Driven Video Surveillance Systems (VSS)
Visionary Vigilance: AI-Driven Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) Redefining Construction Safety in Singapore

Video surveillance systems (VSS) have become a compelling necessity in construction sites under the purview of the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The implementation of these systems serves as a critical safety measure, ensuring adherence to stringent safety protocols and regulations within the construction industry. Singapore places a paramount emphasis on workplace safety, and with the dynamic nature of construction sites, the integration of video surveillance system in Singapore has emerged as a proactive approach to mitigating potential risks and hazards.


MOM mandates the utilization of these systems for

  • Monitoring construction activities

  • Enabling real-time oversight of operations

  • Identifying safety breaches

  • Promptly addressing any unsafe practices


By employing video surveillance systems, MOM aims to foster a culture of safety and accountability within construction sites. These systems not only act as a deterrent against unsafe behaviors but also serve as invaluable tools for post-incident investigations. With high-definition CCTV cameras strategically positioned across sites, MOM can analyze footage to pinpoint the root causes of accidents or near-misses, facilitating comprehensive reviews that lead to enhanced safety protocols and preventive measures. Thus, the compulsory nature of video surveillance systems (VSS) in construction jobsites aligns with Singapore's commitment to ensuring the well-being of workers and maintaining the highest standards of safety within the construction industry.

Why Singapore’s Construction Landscape calls for Video Surveillance Systems (VSS)?

Singapore's construction scenario demands heightened safety measures due to several factors. Firstly, the rapid pace of urban development and the concurrent surge in construction projects amplify the inherent risks associated with a bustling industry.

Secondly, the multicultural workforce in Singapore's construction sector, comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill levels, necessitates robust safety protocols to ensure uniform understanding and adherence to safety practices. Moreover, the densely populated urban landscape and the close proximity of construction sites to residential or commercial areas accentuate the urgency for stringent safety measures to prevent any potential harm to the public.


Lastly, Singapore's commitment to maintaining its reputation as a global business and economic hub necessitates an unwavering dedication to exemplary safety standards, ensuring the well-being of its workforce and the sustainability of its construction endeavors.

Thus, MOM's Video Surveillance System (VSS) initiative of Singapore reinforces the urgency for stringent safety measures in Singapore's construction scenario, creating a robust framework for proactive risk mitigation and safety enforcement.

How AI augments Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) in Fostering Construction Safety?

How AI augments Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) in Fostering Construction Safety?
How AI augments Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) in Fostering Construction Safety?

AI-powered Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) are revolutionizing construction site safety in Singapore by leveraging advanced technologies to augment traditional surveillance methods. These systems, integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Video Analytics, Automated Alerts significantly enhance safety protocols through multifaceted functionalities:

  1. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Detection: AI algorithms embedded within Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) swiftly identify Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance among workers. By analyzing video feeds, the system recognizes if individuals are wearing necessary safety gear such as helmets, vests, or goggles. Instant alerts are triggered for non-compliance, ensuring adherence to safety standards and reducing the risk of on-site accidents.

  2. Worker Behavior Analysis: AI-enabled Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) goes beyond mere observation, employing behavioral analysis to detect risky actions or deviations from safe practices. By tracking movements and actions, the system identifies behaviors that may pose safety threats, enabling immediate intervention or alerting supervisors to prevent potential accidents.

  3. Unauthorized Access Detection: AI algorithms within the Video Surveillance System (VSS) instantly detect and flag unauthorized personnel or intruders entering restricted zones. This capability ensures heightened security and minimizes the risk of accidents or disruptions caused by unauthorized individuals accessing hazardous areas.

  4. Man-Machinery Proximity Notifications: AI-powered Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) provides real-time monitoring of the proximity between workers and heavy machinery. Through object recognition and spatial analysis, the system alerts both workers and machinery operators about potential collisions or unsafe distances, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

  5. Pedestrian Intrusion into Vehicular Area Alerts: By employing AI-based analytics, Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) can differentiate between pedestrians and vehicles, issuing alerts when pedestrians intrude into designated vehicular pathways within construction sites. This proactive warning system prevents potential collisions, ensuring the safety of both workers and pedestrians.

  6. Work at Height Monitoring: AI-driven Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) also plays a crucial role in monitoring work at heights, identifying instances of non-compliance with safety protocols. By analyzing video feeds, the system detects risky behaviors or inadequate safety measures, allowing for timely interventions to prevent falls and other accidents.

  7. Workforce Productivity Reporting: AI-powered Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) assists in assessing worker competency by analyzing their actions and response to site protocols. It identifies patterns of adherence and competence, aiding in targeted training initiatives and ensuring a more adept and safety-conscious workforce.

What role viAct plays in enhancing construction site safety in Singapore?

viAct, a leading ConTech startup in Asia, pioneers solutions for construction challenges, focusing on safety, productivity, and ESG concerns. viAct’s Video Surveillance System (VSS) for construction industry is successful in numerous sites of Singapore as it employs its proprietary AI and computer vision to address safety and productivity needs. The scenario-based AI detects non-compliance in real-time, alerting stakeholders to prevent accidents, fatalities and even minutest of the near misses. viAct’s construction monitoring software for Singapore is trained for Singaporean construction terrains so that it integrates data, providing insights and automation on a unified interface. Real-time analysis and predictive AI transform complex jobsite data into actionable insights, aiding better planning, cost control, schedule adherence, and enhanced productivity in construction.


Thus, viAct’s AI-powered Video Surveillance Systems in construction, especially in Singapore, encompass a robust video management system that incorporates PPE detection, behavior analysis, access control, proximity alerts, intrusion detection, workforce competence evaluation, and work at height monitoring. This comprehensive approach not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also fosters a proactive safety culture, reducing accidents and enhancing overall workplace safety in the construction industry.


Want to Strengthen the Safety in Your Construction Jobsite

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