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AI Video Analytics for Smart Manufacturing: 5 Ways viAct Digitizing Future Factories in Saudi Arabia

5 Ways viAct Digitizing Future Factories in Saudi Arabia
AI Video Analytics for Smart Manufacturing: 5 Ways viAct Digitizing Future Factories in Saudi Arabia

Smart factories, also known as intelligent or digital factories, represent a paradigm shift in manufacturing where advanced technologies and connectivity converge to create highly automated and data-driven production environments. These facilities leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and productivity across the entire manufacturing process. AI enabled smart factories are a cornerstone of Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, and bring about transformative changes in the way products are designed, produced, and delivered.


In a bold stride towards technological innovation, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), Mohammed bin Salman, has announced the launch of a new PIF company called Alat. This company's objective is to position Saudi Arabia as a global center for sustainable technology and advanced manufacturing. Alat will focus on developing cutting-edge technologies and electronics, signaling the kingdom's strategic shift towards diversifying its economy and embracing emerging sectors. Mohammed bin Salman's involvement underscores the government's commitment to fostering innovation and driving economic growth.


By investing in sustainable technology and advanced manufacturing, Alat plans to create over 39,000 direct jobs in Saudi by 2030 and also achieve a direct non-oil GDP contribution of $9.3 billion by then. It will be intriguing to observe how Alat evolves and contributes to Saudi Arabia's ambitions for economic transformation and enhanced competitiveness in these crucial sectors. The Saudi Arabian dream of elevating urban living is not only restricted to building smart cities but in a strategic move to revolutionize its manufacturing landscape, Alat aims to manufacture over 30 product categories including robotic systems, advanced computers, digital entertainment products, communication systems, and heavy machinery used in construction, mining and building.


By undertaking this ambitious program, Saudi Arabia underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, fostering economic diversification, and ensuring that its manufacturing sector remains globally competitive. This paves a way for using AI video analytics for future factories.

How digitizing future factories can be made easier using viAct’s AI video analytics for smart manufacturing?

5 Ways viAct Digitizing Future Factories in Saudi Arabia
How digitizing Future Factories can be made easier using viAct’s AI video analytics for smart manufacturing?

1. Integrating IoT into the System:

AI enabled smart factories, under the guidance of viAct, embrace a paradigm where the IoT is not just a connectivity tool but a transformative force. The magic unfolds as viAct's integration of IoT delivers real-time insights and fosters AI video analytics for factories. Data, generated by every element within the factory, becomes a valuable asset for decision-making, providing a competitive edge in responding swiftly to evolving conditions.

2. Automated Process Optimization:

In the journey towards efficiency, viAct's prowess in video analysis emerges as the key to unlocking opportunities for automated process optimization and enabling AI for smart manufacturing. viAct's video analysis capability is the guiding light in the quest for efficiency. It dynamically processes video data, uncovering hidden facets of the manufacturing process that are ripe for optimization. It helps to deal with unplanned downtime, equipment failure detection, preventing electrical hazards that might come its way and also optimally manage the logistics & inventory management. It helps with effective fleet management ensuring reduction in operation time.


Harnessing the power of AI for effective monitoring has the potential to boost operational efficiency by a remarkable 16%, according to insights from McKinsey.


3. Ensuring Highest Level of Safety:

viAct's AI-driven safety measures play a pivotal role in constructing AI for smart manufacturing, ensuring a secure and efficient working environment. viAct employs AI to proactively detect potential safety hazards on the factory floor, allowing for immediate intervention and prevention of accidents. They help with PPE monitoring, providing Forklift safety alerts, detecting smoke or fire, alerting when a worker is in close proximity to the machine or reporting a blockage in the conveyor belt. By leveraging AI, viAct assists in identifying patterns that may lead to incidents or accidents, enabling preventive measures to be implemented, thus mitigating risks before they escalate.

4. AI Surveillance with a Simple Dashboard:

viAct's simple dashboard, viHub provides a centralized hub for monitoring the entire factory floor, allowing a comprehensive overview of activities and ensuring that critical areas are easily accessible. The simplicity of viAct's dashboard design ensures that users, regardless of technical expertise, can navigate and utilize the surveillance system efficiently, fostering widespread adoption across the workforce. Users can easily set and customize alerts through viAct's intuitive dashboard, ensuring that specific events or anomalies trigger immediate notifications, thereby enhancing security measures. This can take the motive of digitizing future factories to the next level by generating interest from diverse sections of the industry.

5. Elevating Human Management:

viAct's AI-powered surveillance takes human management in taking AI for smart manufacturing to new heights, introducing efficiency, safety, and insightful oversight into workforce dynamics. viAct's surveillance system utilizes AI to monitor occupancy levels in different zones of the factory, helping human managers optimize workspace layouts for efficiency and adherence to safety protocols. viAct's AI algorithms analyze workforce movements and behaviors, offering human managers valuable insights into productivity patterns. This data supports informed decision-making for resource allocation and process optimization. viAct aids human managers in monitoring safety compliance by identifying instances of improper equipment use or breaches in safety protocols, enabling timely corrective actions to maintain a secure working environment.

viAct's AI-powered surveillance system plays a pivotal role in the use of AI video analytics for smart factories, introducing a spectrum of intelligent capabilities that redefine operational efficiency, safety, and overall management. viAct seamlessly integrates with other smart systems within the factory ecosystem. This creates a cohesive network where data from surveillance interacts harmoniously with other intelligent technologies, fostering a comprehensive and interconnected smart factory environment.


In summary, viAct's AI-powered surveillance system emerges as a cornerstone in digitalizing future factories. Its intelligent capabilities not only enhance security and safety but also contribute to the efficiency, productivity, and adaptability of the entire manufacturing ecosystem. As a transformative technology partner, viAct paves the way for using AI video analytics for future factories that are agile, secure, and primed for continuous innovation.


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