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Chainstopper, a pandemic management system by customindz

COVID-19 has taken over the world and brought the entire world to a stand still in just a few months. Total cases in the world will be half a million soon and over 20,000 deaths have been confirmed. The worrying part is the graph of total cases is still exponentially increasing, and showing no signs of slowing down. Pandemics such as the COVID19 impacts humanity in terms of economic, political and social disruptions in addition to mortality. What makes the COVID19 more fatal is the spread.

In the absence of a direct cure against the infection, the only way to flatten the curve is by reducing the physical contacts between people and foresee the chances of a person getting infected. Many governments have imposed stringent measures like lockdown to curb public gatherings and thereby reduce the risk of people getting exposed to infected places or people.

However, to effectively flatten the curve, every single person should put effort to counter the spread of the virus. For that, it is essential for everyone to know their own health status and the probability of them getting affected by the disease based on their recent activities and exposures.

In this scenario, an automated mobile application backed by scientific data can help the general public as well as the healthcare officials in the early identification of community spread of disease and take necessary measures to counter it. So that, custormindz has launched Chainstopper, a pandemic management system to help flatten the curve by carrying out a systematical data-based pandemic managing.

Chainstopper is a platform developed by Customindz to help humanity overcome the COVID19 pandemic by supporting citizens and government health authorities to carry out a set of pandemic managing. The platform caters to all citizens who use smartphones, feature phones or dependents who do not have a cellular device. Basically, this platform can collect health date from citizens to public data pool. In this way, government can model a city where each row corresponds to a citizen, and keep track of infected and recovered people and analyze the current situation and feature development. Based on those results, governments can push alert messages to citizens.

For the citizens side, Chainstoper, as an APP in smartphone, it can offer a set of function that keep people from COVID19. First, it build a digital health card system, and all the information about self heath presenting on this card. People can access to this card to get their information and update self diagnosis information in real time. This kind of easy self-screening and early detection can keep them from facing any stigma. On the other hand, Chianstoper is a dashboard of current situation and future predicting, by access this APP, people can get the information of official alerts & notifications, secure data transmission & user tracking, GIS mapping of affected areas, COVID19 FAQs. So that Chainstopper can help people commute safer and go about daily activities without fear of getting exposed into affected areas or from infected person. At last, people easily notify health authorities via SOS of any affected cases in neighborhood.

For the government side, it can help governments to carried out plague transmission monitoring, epidemic analysis and public alert. First, by collecting data from citizens and public data pool, Chainstopper can demo and present a whole picture of plague transmission including route tracking & red zone detection and secure contact tracking. In this way, it can easily track primary, secondary and tertiary contacts of infected cases with high accuracy and speed and easily manage cases through the platform and update case situations in real time. Meanwhile, it can enable economic activities more safely by authenticating entry or movement of people using digital health cards at rails, restaurants, public venues etc. As for epidemic analysis, Chainstoper, with big date analysis, can conduct systematic analysis of spread probability, exposure so as to predict the future development of COVID-19. By traking in real time the location of all self-isolated and quarantined cases, government can get immediate alerts if any violations occur.

As mentioned above, Chainstopper, a pandemic management system, can help both government and citizens overcome COVID19 epidemic. So.Come and join us to flatten the curve.

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