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Reduce construction fatalities with viAct’s AI powered Danger Zone Detection Solution

Reduce construction fatalities with viAct’s AI powered Danger Zone Detection Solution
Reduce construction fatalities with viAct’s AI powered Danger Zone Detection Solution

The construction jobsites are full of danger zones. A danger zone can be any place, especially near a machine or any equipment, where a worker may be hit by the machine/equipment, or struck under any lifting object(s), or caught in between the moving parts of any machine/equipment.

Thus, danger zone can be any place in the construction site, whose intrusion may lead to fatal injuries. Therefore, it is very necessary to clearly demarcate such areas and keep them under constant supervision to avoid any mishappening from taking place.

In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also require adoption of safe standard operation procedures for machines, machine guarding, lockout/tag out procedures and access control to the danger zones. Thus, proper demarcation, detection and supervision of the danger zones are very crucial in the construction jobsites.

This blog is thus an attempt to showcase how viAct’s construction management software powered by its proprietary scenario-based AI helps the industry to prevent accidents related to danger zone intrusion.

Why is Danger Zone Detection& Alert important for the construction industry?

Construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. In fact studies have shown that the total number of construction fatalities has again increased in the past years, after witnessing a decline in the year 2017.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has dubbed falls, electrocutions, being struck by objects, and being caught in between objects as the “Fatal Four” categories of construction hazards, since these four typically accounts for over half of all the construction worker deaths each year.

  • Study has shown that in the year 2019, 146 worker deaths, that is, 8.4% of all Construction Fatalities was caused due to workers being struck by objects and caught in or between objects.

  • According to reports published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, each year 9.7 of every 100,000 construction workers suffer a fatal injury, which is the fourth highest rate of fatal injuries in any industry.

  • According to National Institute of Health (NIH), the injury rates in the construction industry are 71% higher than that across all industries on an average.

Recent studies reveal that workplace injuries account for 6-9% of the project delays!

What is viAct’s Danger Zone Detection Solution?

viAct’s Danger Zone Detection Module is a tailor-made AI and Computer Vision enabled construction management system that is specially designed to detect instances of danger zone intrusion to prevent fatal injuries in the construction jobsite. This AI monitoring solution aims at saving the time, money and workers’ lives from workplace hazards caused by danger zone intrusion.

This Module is well-trained and tested to detect any instance of workers entering into danger zones, such as near holes, scaffold, machines and the like; and auto-detecting missing fencing or barriers around danger zones, and sending automatic and instant alerts to the stakeholders – both on-site and remote – as soon as any such instances are detected, so as to prevent any mishappening from taking place.

What is viAct's Danger Zone Detection Solution?
What is viAct's Danger Zone Detection Solution?

How this AI monitoring solution works is very simple. Simply connect the existing cameras to viAct’s smart AI cloud solution. The Modules allows users to draw/demarcate danger zones in the platform. Now, as soon as any instance of danger zone intrusion is detected by the AI cameras, automatic and instant audio-visual alerts are sent out to the on-site and remote stakeholders so as to take the rightful action. In addition to this, viAct’s integrated dashboard records the visual proofs of all the non-compliances that can be used later on for training the workers or as evidences for dispute resolution/management. Also, the Alert card in viAct’s integrated dashboard allows users to select a specific date range to have a look at the overall safety non-compliances in the jobsite.

Furthermore, viAct’s Overview & Trend Card in the integrated dashboard can be used by contractors and safety managers to keep a watch of safety non-compliance trends for better planning and progress.

Who can be benefitted from viAct’s Danger Zone Detection Solution?

Generally, risk management and safety is a matter of concern for all the levels of the workflow and hence almost all the stakeholders associated with a construction project would be benefitted from this Module. However, in particular, the following construction stakeholders can be prominently benefitted by viAct’s Danger Zone Detection Module:

  • Owners

  • Contractors & Sub-Contractors

  • Builders

  • Safety Officers

  • Machine Operators

Who can be benefitted from viAct’s Danger Zone Detection Solution?
Who can be benefitted from viAct’s Danger Zone Detection Solution?
What are the benefits of using viAct’s Danger Zone Detection Module?

​Reduces Accidents

Reduces the number of fatal accidents in the construction jobsite caused due to danger zone intrusion and missing fencing or barriers around the danger zones.

​Saves Insurance Costing Against Accidents

Enables the stakeholders to prevent/reduce fatal injuries in the jobsite, thus reducing the insurance premiums that would have otherwise been incurred on the construction company.

Ensures Psychological Safety in the Jobsites

It acts as an ‘extra eye’ in the jobsite that takes care of the safety of the workers round-the-clock. This generates a sense of security in the minds of both the workers and stakeholders.

Improves Company Culture

Workers working in the jobsites that are under the surveillance of this module feel safe at work and such employees are generally more sincere and participative in workplaces.

Legal Benefits

Helps the construction companies to avoid fatal accidents, which in turn helps them avoid law suits and extra expenses associated with compensation against such accidents.

Want to ensure zero fatality of your jobsite? Let viAct do that for you!

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