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Resumption of work in an epidemic situation

When more than one person is diagnosed on the construction site, it is regarded as a major safety accident!

In recent days, considering that the economic losses of enterprises are too grand, and the supply of social materials cannot be guaranteed, enterprises in various provinces have begun to resume work one after another. However, returning to work does not mean that the epidemic has really been effectively alleviated and controlled, and it is more likely to face the risk of secondary interpersonal cross-contagion. It has also caught up with the increasingly serious epidemic peaks overseas, and the import of foreign cases may also worsen the form that has just improved in China. Especially in some grass-roots positions that consume a lot of manpower, the safety problems of workers often face greater hidden dangers.

Emergency Provisions for the Reinstatement of Government Emergency Construction Sites

The day before yesterday, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued an urgent notice on the credit evaluation management of market subjects in the construction field for the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks caused by new coronavirus. Focus on the epidemic situation control in the field of construction sites. The Construction Bureau stated more seriously: "A confirmed diagnosis of an epidemic situation involving more than one person on a construction site is considered a major safety accident!"

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the government and various enterprises have greatly increased the importance of construction workers in the prevention of infectious diseases, which is very gratifying. About 7% of the world ’s labor force is concentrated in the construction industry, and the economic revenue generated by this market reach 10 trillion US dollars each year. However, the construction industry has always faced extremely high safety risks, and the death rate of construction workers has far exceeded four times the average level of other industries. Construction safety has become the most important and difficult management task on the construction site. One of the most in need of regulation is that workers take sick to work.

There are many risks of getting sick

The education level of migrant workers is generally not high. The information and services for the prevention of infectious diseases are scarce, and their mobility is extremely high. The impact on the prevention and control of infectious diseases in the region is very objective. The infectious diseases on the construction site mainly refer to SARA, malaria, avian influenza, cholera, dengue fever, plague and other strong epidemic and fatal diseases. Among them, SARS and avian influenza are the most likely diseases to recur.

Imagine that because of the worker's own awareness of potential safety hazards, or the lack of safety inspection work at the early stage of the enterprise's entry into the job, the worker is brought to the job with illness, which is transmitted ten times and ten times. When these sick workers take control of large machines, if they are in poor health, have a fever, are distracted, or even fall, the consequences will be unimaginable. The production safety of the construction industry is not guaranteed, and the personal safety of the workers is threatened, which will also have an indelible impact on the production economy.

Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out safety management on the construction personnel of the construction project. We should deeply study the causes of the safety accidents, and remove the threats from it to truly achieve safety management. Before the workers enter the post, the relevant construction enterprise should do a good job of health inspection and educate the workers about potential health and safety hazards. If any infected workers are found in the construction process, they should immediately take measures to stop work and seek medical treatment, and isolate and observe the surrounding contacts. Construction enterprises should attach great importance to infectious disease supervision measures to avoid injury to other construction personnel and ensure the smooth completion of the project.

In addition, beside the hidden safety hazards of workers caused by the spread of infectious diseases, due to the emergence of large construction equipment, the number of construction worker deaths due to collisions has increased by 34% every year since 2010. Due to the high complexity of the construction project and the long cycle, unexpected situations of late delivery and over budget also occur from time to time, which will cause losses for both the construction side, the project side and the client side. Therefore, in every construction project, risk control is an extremely important link, which covers the prevention and avoidance of potential unexpected situations in aspects such as construction quality, construction safety, project duration, and expenditure budget.

Artificial intelligence can fundamentally solve problems

However, the various control measures adopted before can only effectively prevent hidden safety hazards on the construction site or stop losses in time. How can we start from the root cause and eliminate this hidden hazard on the construction site? Of course, it is to reduce manpower consumption on the construction site, reasonably use the new era technology equipment, and replace the previous manual work to the greatest extent. Let's look at how the products of the new era, such as artificial intelligence, can replace the work of workers and fundamentally solve problems.

With the maturity and perfection of artificial intelligence technology and computer vision positioning technology, construction sites have begun to use these technologies more and more frequently to improve the management efficiency of construction personnel, while ensuring the safety of personnel.



Thanks to the price reduction of drones and the improvement of imaging quality, construction companies have begun to use drones to check the safety quality of buildings in the air


Using the camera on the construction site, the computer can track the movement trajectory of workers, machinery and building materials in 3D model in real time, helping to issue collision warning


The building information modeling system (BIM) currently popular in the industry records 3D building models, materials, projects and other information, and learns historical project data to more accurately predict future project progress and grasp project progress



. has developed an industry-specific computer vision engine for construction companies in response to the industry's needs, and established a cloud-based video monitoring platform that can monitor the construction site status in real time, and real-time data analysis, production depth inspection reports, thereby automating on-site monitoring and management processes. This time, we take's SaaS cloud monitoring platform as an example to give a "worksite brain" intelligent construction site management solution to the following multiple construction site scenarios, and discuss how to use AI technology to manage construction sites from four aspects to promote urbanization Construction.

What is a construction site brain?

The construction site brain uses the multi-layer convolutional neural network algorithm to analyze the behavior of construction site personnel and vehicles in the video collected by monitoring, including the wearing of hard hats, intrusion in prohibited areas, employee smoking, personnel falling, dirt truck coverage, etc. ; You can also use the face recognition technology to determine the identity and type of personnel, complete intelligent security supervision and disposal, improve the efficiency of site operations, and ensure the safety of personnel. To put it simply, the construction site brain uses artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, intelligent equipment and other software and hardware information technology to realize the difficult management of the construction industry through dynamic video monitoring.

So what is the role of the construction site brain?

1. Manage access personnel to prevent unrest

The site brain system automatically captures the faces of people entering and exiting the site by installing a webcam at the entrance of the site, effectively identifying the identities of the people entering and exiting the site, and analyzing the entry and exit conditions of the site personnel, such as the duration of the site and other factors, to achieve the identity of the site personnel The real-name system ensures the accuracy of the information, thereby controlling the site construction personnel, prohibiting the entry of bad personnel, and preventing the occurrence of unstable factors.

2. Improve the harsh working environment through vehicle management

Previously, vehicles in and out of the construction site could not be checked one by one. In addition, some of the muck trucks are too slow, and muck and cement will be scattered on the ground. Now through the brain of the construction site, automatic identification of vehicle license plates and vehicle models can be realized to control the entry and exit of vehicles; the activities and trajectories of vehicles on the construction site are monitored and Analysis; at the same time, analyze the entry and exit of the vehicles on the construction site and collect images through the camera, automatically analyze whether the car doors are covered with environmental protection requirements, and put forward early warning to improve the original dusty and harsh environment.

3. Supervision of the whole process to achieve refined project management

The brain of the construction site can realize the intelligent management of the working conditions of the personnel inside the construction site. By visually analyzing the joint parts of the personnel and their interrelationships, through the detection and analysis of the camera images, it is found that the approximate position of the personnel in the camera analyzes the behavior of the personnel; On-site item management, through deep neural network, automatic detection of equipment, to achieve the monitoring and management of items and equipment inside the site, the position of the camera, analysis of the position and trajectory of items and equipment, etc., and when the calculation shows that vehicles and personnel occur In the event of a collision or other dangerous possibility, an interference alert will be issued in time. The construction site brain can help realize intelligent monitoring of the project progress, automatically three-dimensional modeling of key places, so as to judge the progress of the project, improve the progress management of the project, and effectively reduce the interference of human factors.

4. Protect the safety of workers on site by monitoring such as hard hats

Through dynamic video monitoring, you can monitor whether workers wear safety helmets, track workers 'positions in real time, and promptly remind workers to regulate workers' behavior once they are found to be close to a source of danger. At the same time, the system also has one-button help, voice intercom, and cap / fall monitoring functions to ensure that when workers are in danger, they can timely grasp their status and carry out effective rescue. In addition, it can realize whether the monitoring personnel smoke and alarm; whether the monitoring personnel are bad behavior and alarm; flame and scaffold deformation and other safety monitoring and alarm.

All the above unsafe factors at the construction site can be promptly warned to the relevant person in charge through mobile APP, WeChat, SMS, email, etc. The person in charge is responsible for handling it in the first time, so as not to cause greater safety problems and losses.

At present, a serious problem generally faced by the global engineering construction industry is the difficulty of recruiting workers, the aging of the labor force, and the difficulty of ensuring the safety of workers themselves. Under this drive, we will see more and more robots being invested in engineering construction. And management-related work to make up for the shortage of labor. In addition, the popularity of artificial intelligence in the construction industry will be dominated by large construction companies. The application of artificial intelligence technology is still at an early stage, and the industry's awareness and confidence in new technologies is generally low.

In the future, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, in the construction industry, the application of artificial intelligence technology will most likely be promoted by large construction companies first, through their resources and influence to achieve the application of technology throughout upstream and downstream , As an important part of the development of smart cities!

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