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Top 5 AI Applications in Construction Industry

AI has brought huge impact to construction technology, among which AI security and AI productivity are the most noticeable. Many innovations and reformative technologies are used with AI and to drive continued growth.

Danger Zone Monitoring — Combining AI construction technology and camera effectively promote construction site safety. Version intelligence scans construction sites and evaluated its safety and potential danger zone. It detects and alerts immediately when workers and vehicles enter a dangerous area. AI technology regulation is independent of time and environment, as opposed to human monitoring.

Human Safety Detection — AI has further guaranteed construction safety and reduced accidents though computer version platform. It identifies if workers wear protective equipment properly, i.e. helmet, gloves, mask and high visibility jacket. To control the risk and eliminate accidents related to large scale construction machinery, contractors install IP camera and sensors to surveillance the equipment.

Increase Productivity — Combined with IOT, AI helps enterprises boost productivity and realize visual control of all project materials. By monitoring the amount of materials used in the project, identifying management priorities, and improving the efficiency and benefits of cost control, enterprises effectively promote the value of material data assets. Work progress can be recorded and tracked to individuals, digitalize productivity and project completion time is expected more accurately.

Predictable Facilities Maintenance — In the stage of facility maintenance, AI innovation achieves better predictability and demand prediction. It can identify and automatically report a potential problem, flag equipment that might be worn out before they occur and schedule maintenance jobs.

AI Cloud Platform — Cloud-BIM integration is considered as an innovation of BIM and expected to produce another wave of change across the construction industry. Cloud computing technology offers an effective way for a design team to share building data and check real-time energy performance, regardless of physical location. It can provide real-time monitoring of construction progress, coordination, clash detection and data sharing amongst the construction team.

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