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6 ways AIoT Can Reduce Construction Contractor’s Operational Pains

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

6 ways AIoT Can Reduce Construction Contractor’s Operational Pains
6 ways AIoT Can Reduce Construction Contractor’s Operational Pains

AIoT is a boon to the construction contractors. Having multiple things to handle, contractors in construction jobsites are engaged in multiple chores at a time. This seeks for lots of efforts which have to coordinate with the other strata of the construction operational hierarchy. A construction contractor holding the central place in the construction operational hierarchy has equal responsibility towards the workers as well as the owners/clients. This thereby reasons why these contractors need a sincere companion to help them mitigate numerous operational pains ranging from documentation to planning to management. AIoT is one of the most trusted solutions in this regard.

Read more to know more about how AIoT can reduce construction contractor’s operational pains:

6 ways AIoT Can Reduce Construction Contractor’s Operational Pains
6 ways AIoT Can Reduce Construction Contractor’s Operational Pains

1. No More Manual Documentation

From labour distribution to progress tracking everything is subject to documentation for efficient planning and operations of a construction project. AI makes cameras in construction sites intelligent enough to simulate smart behavior to detect objects and actions of workers with little or no human interference. Furthermore, cloud facility helps in providing actionable insights for every stakeholder whether onsite or remote.

2. Visual Proofs of Disputes & Non-Compliances

Smart AIoT devices help contractors in keeping instant visual records which could be published in case of dispute resolution amongst workers. This also helps in balancing conflicts in between owner and contractors regarding work progress. The records of non-compliances help further in planning construction projects effectively by preventing various factors leading to safety and productivity hindrances.

3. Engage Manpower in Higher ROI Tasks

Smart work allocation is a sign of great management. Construction especially seeks for such intelligent work allocation practices to prevent timely completion of projects. With AIoT powered smart sites, contractors can effectively allot manpower for high ROI tasks instead of engaging them in operational tasks like safety monitoring, productivity tracking etc. Similarly, contractors can analyze records of individual performance of manpower and allocate them tasks that they are good at.

4. Less Workforce Injury & More Productivity

Worker injury is the major cause for delay in construction timelines. Contractors often face tremendous issue in mitigating accidents and injuries in job site as manual monitoring has its own loopholes. Thus, smart AI powered cameras help in generation of predictive alerts for contractors to take instant actions. This also saves huge insurance overheads for labour accidents and injuries and also makes construction a safer ecosystem.

5. Machinery Tracking for Optimal Productivity

Construction machineries are heavy equipment and they determine work productivity to a great extent. Contractors thus need to pay huge attention in monitoring construction machinery operations for optimizing both time and cost incurred in the construction workflow. AIoT solution can track the utility hours of the vehicles and thereby help construction contractors to optimize machinery usage and cost. The contractors thus can make smart decisions to utilize only required number of machineries for a particular project site.

6. Seamless Coordination with Client on Project Status

Clients are always eager to know project updates. However, manually keeping clients updated on every day basis is the main pain factor for contraction contractors. However, AIoT solutions help contractors to get rid of this tedious task by providing a common cloud platform for all remote stakeholders to automatically and seamlessly keep a watch on project status from comfort of their homes without bothering the contractor. This also helps in maintaining good governance in construction sites.


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