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Ease Remote Inspection of Your Construction Jobsites with viAct's Autonomous Robot – viBOT

viBOT for Robotic Monitoring of Construction
viBOT for Robotic Monitoring of Construction

The construction industry is one of the most important industries as it fulfils one of the primary needs of the human, that is, shelter. However, it is not unknown to us that in spite of its great importance, the industry is plagued with severe inefficiencies and low and stagnant levels of productivity. However, construction robotics has great potentiality to address and overcome the shortcomings of traditional construction industry. Starting from reducing labour costs, to improving productivity and quality, to reducing accidents, construction robotics can bring multifaceted advantages to the construction industry.

Thus, this blog is an attempt at discussing how construction stakeholders can automate their construction jobsite monitoring and ease remote inspection of their jobsites with viBOT.

What is viBOT?

viBOT is viAct’s autonomous robot for construction jobsites. It is an AI and computer vision-powered agile mobile robot that is well-trained to auto-patrol even in challenging and dynamic environments; thus facilitating remote inspection of construction jobsites, without any human supervision. It reduces the stakeholders’ task of traveling sites and digitizes the jobsite inspection. viBOT is smart enough to monitor jobsite safety, perform 360° progress tracking and carry out auto-documentation – all at the same time, that too with great ease and efficiency.

viBOT for Construction Progress Monitoring
viBOT for Construction Progress Monitoring

This super smart construction robot consist of a 360° camera that captures real-time happenings in the jobsite, a digital screen for viewing insights, light and sound alerts that sends instant and automatic alerts as soon as any non-compliance is detected, and autonomous wheels that help it to move all around your construction jobsite.

Thus, with viBOT, stakeholders can ensure safety, efficiency and productivity in their construction jobsites.

viBOT - The Robot for Remote Construction Monitoring
viBOT - The Robot for Remote Construction Monitoring

Who Can Be Benefitted from viBOT?

viBOT can be especially beneficial for the:

  • Owners

  • General Contractors

  • Construction Site Inspectors

  • Field Engineers & Project Engineers

Why viBOT?

1. Autonomous Construction Monitoring

viBOT is highly autonomous construction robot that can perform jobsite monitoring and inspection with great efficiency without any human intervention. It is efficient enough to auto panel up to 6 hours and can complete its given mission(s) even when offline. Further, what makes this smart robot even smarter is that, it packs up itself at the nearest base station for recharging. Thus, with viBOT stakeholders can bring a new dimension of automate construction monitoring to their jobsites.

2. Facilitates Remote Site Inspection

The smart robot has been well-trained to operate flawlessly even in difficult and dynamic working environment. With viBOT the stakeholders no more need to travel sites by-and-again as it digitizes jobsite inspection and enables the stakeholders to inspect their jobsite remotely. Further, it allows stakeholders to view their project progress, and adjust viBOT’s mission instantly at any point of time and from anywhere.

3. Multiple Detections

One of the specialties of viBOT is its ability to apply multiple AI modules at the same time. This construction robot has been designed in such a way that multiple AI modules, such as PPE Detection, Smoke & Fire Detection, Falling People/Object Detection, Danger Zone Detection, Social Distancing Detection, and the like – can be applied simultaneously, with great efficiency.

4. Instant Alerts

Another speciality of viBOT lies in the light and sound alerts attached to its body. This 100cm tall robot is so smart that it captures the real-time happenings in the construction jobsites and no sooner does it detects any non-compliance, say, worker(s) without (proper) PPE, or danger zone intrusion and the like, it instantly sends out light and sound alerts to the nearby workers and onsite stakeholders to take action before it is too late. Not only this, a simultaneous instant alert is also sent to the remote stakeholders via SMS, email or any other instant messaging app, thereby keeping them aware of the jobsite happenings.

5. 360° Documentation

viBOT can autonomously capture 360° degree images and videos of the jobsite with the help of the 360° camera attached to its body. It can also track the progress status of the construction projects. Further, whatever smart insights are captured by viBOT are automatically recorded in viAct’s cloud, and the stakeholders can view those insights later at anytime, anywhere in viHUB – viAct’s AI monitoring platform.

6. Digital Twin

viBOT is further integrated with 3D scanner and automated site scanning program that enables it to create digital twins of the construction jobsites and at the same time identify rework; thus resolving issues before they hit the budget and schedule.


Want to Ease Remote Inspection of your Construction Jobsite?

Try out viBOT now!

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