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Revolutionize the Construction Industry Together with viAct’s Partnership Programme

We at viAct have always believed in ‘growing together’ and today we are highly ecstatic sharing that viAct has taken a significant initiative in this direction by launching its first ever Partnership Programme.

The Construction industry, as is known, is plagued with huge number of accidents, low/static levels of productivity, and environmental issues. Since 2016, viAct has been striving hard and has been indulging itself in constant R&D to improve itself to be able to carter to the emerging needs and challenges of the industry. But we have always believed that “TOGETHER WE CAN ACHEIVE MORE” and it is with this idea in mind we have launched our first ever Partnership Programme with the aim of ‘revolutionizing the construction industry together’.

Do join us in the blog below to know more about viAct’s Partnership Programme:

What is viAct’s Partnership Programme?

viAct’s Partnership Programme is basically an initiative taken by viAct wherein it partners with various agencies, resellers and tech solution providers who can promote viAct’s products and solutions and in turn unlock new streams of revenue and grow their businesses, thus, ultimately building an ecosystem of construction technology solutions.

What type of Partners is viAct looking for?

Basically viAct’s Partnership Program can be bifurcated into two segments, namely:

viAct’s Channel Partner Programme is for those customer-centric agencies, service providers, and other sellers who look forward to expand their offerings and grow their business with viAct. Further, this category of partners shall generally include the Reseller partners and the Agency partners. viAct’s Reseller partners are the construction solution-focused resellers who can promote viAct’s Construction Monitoring solutions to their clients, lead the sales process and manage the after-sales services, and in return earn commissions. On the other hand, viAct’s Agency partners are customer-centric agencies or companies who can promote viAct’s solutions to their customers and in return earn referral fee.

Similarly, viAct’s Tech Partner Programme is for legal enterprises that provide software and hardware solutions in heavy industries, including construction & engineering like IoT startups, CCTV/Camera brands and manufacturers, construction solution /platform provider, and the like. Under this category of partnership programme, the partners get an access to viAct’s entire ecosystem, that consist of present as well as future business customers, sales channels and technology developers.

What are the benefits that viAct’s Partners can incur?

viAct offers wide-ranging benefits to its partners through its partnership programme. Although there are certain benefits that are specific to different categories of partners, yet there are benefits which can be incurred by all the partners in general.

  • Monetary Benefits: viAct’s partners – both Channel Partners and Tech Partners, can earn generous amount of monetary benefits through commissions/referral fees by referring viAct’s solutions to their clients. This shall open up a new source of revenue to the partners.

  • Opportunities to Grow Business: Partnering with viAct shall enable the partners to enter one of the most promising markets – the AI technology market. The partners can increase their products’ competitiveness by integrating them with viAct’s solutions. Moreover, the higher tiers they unlock, the more is the number of leads and clients referred to them. Thus, this way the partners get opportunities to grow their business together with viAct, creating a win-win situation for both viAct and its partners.

  • Go-to-Market Support: viAct offers its partners customized partner enablement training and support that shall help them to achieve a competitive edge in the market. Also the partners can work with viAct to calibrate the co-marketing strategy.

  • Technical Support: In order to help the partners make their business even more successful, viAct shall offer to them the required technical support as well as dedicated AI specialists to their team. These specialists can review the site environment of the their clients to give them better professional advice. Also, viAct shall schedule business reviews based on outcome(s) in order to suggest adjustment plans on the basis of partner’s business goal.

Why should Partners choose viAct?

After you have come to know about viAct’s Partnership programme and the multi-faceted benefits that you can incur from this programme, you must be wondering “WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE viAct?”

In that case, here’s “WHY viAct”?

  • Product Edge: viAct offers Asia’s leading AI monitoring solutions

  • Brand Edge: viAct has a strong channel partner network and has a legacy of multiple customer success stories

  • Strong R&D backing: viAct’s solutions are backed by strong R&D conducted over years. Currently, it has 50+ research backed AI Modules that carter to the various safety, productivity, and environmental issues faced by the industry. It also has the highest number of research paper published in the ConTech ecosystem

  • Rich Deployment Experience: Till date viAct’s solutions have been successfully deployed in 50+ sites of varying working environment


To revolutionize the construction ecosystem together with viAct


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