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viAct’s AI-powered 360° Progress Tracking Solution Ensuring Greater Transparency in the Workflow

viAct’s AI-powered 360° Progress Tracking Solution Ensuring Greater Transparency in the Workflow
viAct’s AI-powered 360° Progress Tracking Solution Ensuring Greater Transparency in the Workflow

A construction project has multiple tasks going on simultaneously. Progress tracking here is very crucial to make sure that the each task is being carried out as scheduled and according to the budget. Moreover, progress tracking allows teams to see if they need to make any adjustments to achieve their goal.

However, progress tracking is not a very easy thing to do. Even today most of the construction companies are seen to rely on manual methods of progress tracking that fail to provide them a real-time progress status of their projects, including other loopholes, making the process even more complicated.

Thus, this blog is an attempt at highlighting how viAct’s proprietary scenario-based AI-powered construction management software helps 360° progress tracking, thus ensuring better transparency in the workflow and reducing rework in the jobsite.

Why Automated Progress Tracking?

Automated Progress Tracking involves the use of modern technologies such as AI and vision intelligence for progress tracking of the construction jobsites with instant and quick calculations and minimal human interference. Automated Progress Tracking helps in accurately generating completion percentage, installation quantities, rate of work and estimated completion dates of projects/tasks by leveraging the power of AI and other modern technologies. 360° photo documentation technology is generally used for the purpose of automated progress tracking.

The importance of automated progress tracking in the construction jobsites can be understood better from the following comparison chart between Manual & Automated Progress Tracking:

Why Automated Construction Progress Tracking?
Why Automated Construction Progress Tracking?

What is viAct’s 360° Progress Tracking Solution?

viAct’s 360° Progress Tracking Solution is a custom-made AI & computer vision enabled construction progress management system that is capable of tracking the progress status of different types of works in the jobsite, such as concrete, rebar, formwork and the like on an everyday basis.

1. Connect the 360° camera to viAct’s App:

2. Walk through the jobsite with the 360° camera and it will automatically capture the real-time happenings in the jobsite, which will get stored in viAct’s integrated dashboard:

3. Upload the videos to viAct’s AI cloud and get instant analysis data, reports and alerts:

Moreover, viAct’s integration with Autodesk Forge® and Autodesk Construction Cloud® has made it possible for the clients to view their construction jobsite in a 3D space. Also the clients can now have an additional benefit of comparing their day-to-day jobsite status with the planned design, thus helping them detect any wrong/improper installation and take urgent steps to correct the wrongs while there is still time.

Further, this solution also eases construction documentation by recording the captured data in the integrated dashboard. Thus, with this tailor-made solution the stakeholders can have a well-tracked and fully documented jobsite, altogether.

Who can be benefitted from viAct’s 360° Progress Tracking Solution?

viAct’s Progress Tracking Solution is, in general, helpful for all the stakeholders involved in a project as this construction progress management system brings all the project stakeholders on the same page about progress. However, talking more specifically, the following construction stakeholders can be prominently benefitted from this solution:

  • Owners

  • Contractors & Sub-Contractors

  • Builders

  • Project Engineers and/or Field Engineers

What are the benefits of using viAct’s 360° Progress Tracking Solution?

Auto-Progress Tracking

viAct’s 360° Progress Tracking Solution automatically tracks visual status of tasks such as drywall, ceiling and floor; and auto-defines and categorizes construction projects, thus allowing the stakeholders to make sure that the tasks are carried on according to schedule and budget.


Using viAct’s 360° Progress Tracking Solution also facilitates construction documentation. All the captured insights are recorded in the integrated dashboard and are organized by projects, floor plans and time. The stakeholders can view the progress and find related visual evidences instantly and at anytime, anywhere.

Analysis Data & Reports

viAct’s 360° Progress Tracking Solution also analyses the on-site visual insights with the planned designs and allows stakeholders to obtain analysis reports. This helps the stakeholders to resolve issues before they hit the schedule and budget.


With viAct’s 360° Progress Tracking Solution, stakeholders can send reminders to the workers through mobile notifications on special/emergency events. Also the push notification feature keeps the stakeholders up-to-date about project progress and discrepancies.

Higher ROI

Since viAct’s 360° Progress Tracking Solution reduces the manual tasks by automating progress tracking and documentation, the manpower can be oriented to some other task of higher ROI.

Want better transparency & less rework in your construction jobsite?
Let viAct do that for you!


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