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Virtual Site Inspections: AIoT Changing the Way Property Developers Work

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Virtual Site Inspections: AIoT Changing the Way Property Developers Work
Virtual Site Inspections: AIoT Changing the Way Property Developers Work

Property development is one of the most fascinating tasks but it is tedious at the same time. Multiple chores have to be taken care of simultaneously to maintain a hassle-free process. Property developers often find it quite tricky to handle multiple aspects from planning, budgeting, supervision to management. Especially personal on-site visits for manual monitoring of site progress and management add to the perils of the property developers. Many a times when multiple projects are to be handled together by the developers, various loop holes turn out from manual monitoring that leads to mismanagement and non-compliances. Thus, Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) has emerged as a huge helping hand to the developers by giving them extra governing power. AIoT solutions in conjugation with vision technology help them keep a 24*7 remote surveillance of the project sites for both progress and non-compliances.

Know how AIoT acts as a virtual inspector helping property developers to seamlessly manage construction job-site!

5 Ways viAct is Easing Property Developers' Work with Artificial Intelligence
5 Ways viAct is Easing Property Developers' Work with Artificial Intelligence

1. 25% Productivity Enhancement

Productivity of a construction job-site is dependent on various factors, transparent governance being the key one. It has been often witnessed that operational workflow in jobsites has always had issues with information flow. Inaccurate and insufficient information flow in the operational hierarchy, i.e., workers-site managers-contractors-owners is the prime cause for various non-compliances, productivity hindrances, delays and over-budgeting in the construction projects.

viAct reports 25% enhancement in productivity after deployment of their proprietary AIoT monitoring solutions in construction sites. By providing a common interphase for every stakeholder to monitor progress and various non-compliances, AIoT solutions helps property developers to enhance productivity by enhancing coordinated planning for day-to-day activities from comfort of their homes.

2. 40% More Non-Compliances Detection

Owing the complexity of the operations in construction, non-compliances are the major hindrances leading to loopholes in both productivity and safety compliances in the job-site. This is another factor which worries the property developers. It has been observed that manual monitoring is insufficient to track numerous non-compliances from worker’s end.

As reported by viAct, AIoT solutions makes job-site cameras smart enough to detect 40% more non-compliances through smart modules like PPE detection module, Helmet detection modules, Shackle detection modules, High rise work modules, Distraction detection modules etc. viAct’s smart dashboard gives a consolidated view of actionable insights and also sends instant alerts to owners for keeping a strict watch.

3. 50% Less Documentation Efforts

Property developers often find it difficult to keep manual notes for current work or upcoming planning. Being a developer however, documentation becomes very important as it helps in various decision making processes, such as budgeting. Thus, tracking the current work progress through paper based work flow is a traditional practice which not only seeks extra efforts but also leads to manual errors.

AIoT devices being smart are able to store records in the cloud facility which is not just accurate but also saves developer’s time and efforts. viAct’s AIoT solutions have been reported to reduce 50% of documentation efforts. The dashboard provides a wonderful option for property developers to keep regular updates of the construction job-sites.

4. Seamless Coordination with Contractors on Project Status

The auto-documentation ability of AIoT powered smart sites makes it hassle-free for the developers to cross validate work progress reports of the contractors. By connecting both developers and contractors at a single platform, transparency in the work flow is achieved to coordinate and plan worker’s day to day activity and budgets. This brings checks and balances to numerous disputes between contractor & developers regarding work progress, resource utilization, budget utilization etc. AIoT powered smart sites make it easy for developers to keep a record of worker’s efficacy, error rate, non-compliances and sincerity levels of contractors and take immediate actions on negligence or work delays. Thus, it makes construction sites better governed and productive.

5. Millions Saved in Rework & Compensation Costs

Budget management remains a key task in construction works. Developers often find it difficult to manage over budgeting due to two major reasons: Rework while property development causes huge overheads and project delays and work force related accidents adding huge compensations costs. However, as mentioned above, accurate remote monitoring and constant watch on the entire workforce hierarchy helps property developers to save loads of cost incurred due to safety and productivity related negligence and non-compliances. By ensuring transparent workflow and accurate progress details, AIoT acts as an effective mediator in the construction job-site workflow. This helps in preventing high re-planning and re-execution efforts and costs as well.

Are you a Property Developer? Learn How You Can Ease Your Construction Jobsite Inspection with viAct. Talk to our Construction AI Expert


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