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Viact AI: Computer Vision Real Application in Industry

Updated: Oct 30, 2019 is the leading company of computer vision real application in industry. What is the current evolution of Computer Vision (CV) technology in industry level development. We have summarized the below requirements according Viact AI B-end user interview with many local and overseas players. I have to admit this industry is so overwhelmingly huge, there are potentially tons of requirements on the CV inspection. We classify Viact AI ongoing application into three aspects: remote and asset management, retail and safety compliance.

Remote Inspection and Asset management — Power companies are transforming inspection jobs by deploying drones with cameras to capture data for inspection. Some companies consider having cameras attached to the crane, truck and related working machinery. Clients can use VIACT AI to build customized AI models to automatically flag equipment that might be worn out, in need of inspection, or likely to fail. These custom models can be integrated into IBM IVA to automatically schedule maintenance jobs.

Retail — Real time video analytics can help retailers in a variety of ways, including the generation of enhanced customer insight, inventory management tools that signal robots to stock shelves, and AI-powered cameras that can catch fraudulent actions at the point-of-sale. Custom models for each of these built in VIACT AI Vision can be integrated with IBM IVA to greatly enhance the shopping experience.

Worker Safety Compliance — We can create a custom vision AI model in VIACT AI Vision that can identify safety helmets, jackets, gloves, et cetera. IVA enables setting up different safety zones and use different AI models to flag worker safety compliance per the zone requirements. Video represents a hugely untapped resource for data-driven insights, and now with this exciting integration Intelligent Video Analytics with VIACT AI, Sensetime is helping unlock its potential.

You are welcome to join in Viact AI webinars, as our collaborators or as our advisory board member, we are glad to hear from you.

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