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Ensure Hassle-Free Construction Fleet Management with viAct

Ensure Hassle-Free Construction Fleet Management with viAct
Ensure Hassle-Free Construction Fleet Management with viAct

Fleet tracking is no more a mere transportation service. Fleet plays a very crucial role in any industry, the construction industry without being an exception. Construction fleet management involves planning, direction, and supervision of the construction fleet assets for improving and optimizing the construction operations. This ensures smooth operation and workflow through construction vehicle management and construction equipment management. This blog is an attempt at explaining the meaning and importance of construction fleet management and it strives to explain how viAct’s Construction Management Software ensures a hassle-free fleet management in construction jobsites.

What is Construction Fleet Management?

What is Construction Fleet Management?
What is Construction Fleet Management?

Construction Fleet Management can be very simply defined as the process of planning, directing and supervising the construction fleet resources in order to maximize efficiency, increase productivity and optimize safety in the jobsite operations. With proper construction fleet management, the companies get the visibility and control over their fleet operations, in turn allowing them to control and improve this prominent business function. Fleet management may range anything from fleet vehicle monitoring, fuel usage monitoring, maintenance scheduling, and construction fleet tracking; to workers’ safety and operator direction and supervision.

What are the benefits of Effective Construction Fleet Management?

What are the benefits of Effective Construction Fleet Management?
What are the benefits of Effective Construction Fleet Management?

Effective fleet management can bring in for the companies multifaceted benefits. Some of them being:

Increase Productivity: Effective fleet management involves the collection and analysis of the historical data related to the vehicle and the operator, like maintenance and repair records, mileage, accident history, routes, etc. A proper analysis of these data allow the fleet managers to have a deep understanding of the fleet vehicle and the operators’ performance and in turn make more informed business decisions like planning out routes that require less mileage and fuel, assign the right people for the job, and so on. This helps them to ensure efficient construction fleet operations.

Fuel Monitoring: Fuel is a huge expense in fleet operation. Construction companies can ensure greater cost saving by tracking & reducing their fuel costs. This is where effective fleet management can play a crucial role. In addition to this, it can also help companies to achieve the greater environmental goals, such as climate change and sustainability.

Increase Jobsite Safety: The bulldozers, cranes, trucks, forklifts, and many such heavy equipment perform certain very essential tasks in a construction jobsite. But these bring with themselves several accidents such as backhoe and truck accidents, accidents caused due to object(s) falling from heavy equipment, workers’ hit and/or struck-by heavy equipment and so on. Therefore, it is very necessary to undertake efficient fleet monitoring in order to prevent construction site accidents and increase jobsite safety.

Reduce Maintenance Costs: Apart from fuel expanses, fleet breakdowns can also incur heavy costs to the construction companies. However, timely and regular fleet maintenance can help broaden the lifespan of the construction fleet, reduce the huge repairing costs, and lower the chances of accidents caused due to vehicle malfunctions. This is where fleet management comes in.

The above discussed were some of the prime benefits of effective fleet management in construction, although there exists several other associated benefits like:

  • Efficient invoicing

  • Improved Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Construction Fleet Theft Prevention

  • Jobsite Traffic Control & Management

How viAct ensures Hassle-Free Construction Fleet Management?

Understanding well, the significance of fleet management in construction and the associated difficulties, viAct has introduced its Construction Fleet Management Solution which is a holistic fleet management solution for the construction industry. Through this solution, the managers are able to:

  • Get Holistic & real-time construction fleet tracking insights: Managers can get insights into the live location and status of all their vehicles, mobile workers and equipment.

  • Enhance Worker and Equipment Safety: They can monitor workers’ behavior and undergo multiple detections like Operator Distraction, On-crane Collision, Fleet Operating Hour, and Driving Speed & Turn Frequency. As soon as any safety non-compliance is detected by the AI cameras, instant and real-time alerts are sent out, allowing them to prevent any mis-happening in the jobsite before it is too late.

  • Monitor Fleet Productivity: The stakeholders can exercise greater control over their fleet assets and improve fleet productivity by gaining better visibility of these assets through real-time GPS Fleet Tracking, Vehicle & Machinery Counting, Auto-detection of Vehicle Types, and Automatic Access Control by Licenses Detection.

  • Ensure Green Fleet Management: They can reduce the impact caused by the fleet on the environment through viAct’s green fleet management solutions like, Site Entrance Hygiene Monitoring, Dirty Wheel Detection, Dump Truck Cover Detection, C&D Material Classification and such others.

  • Increase Fuel Efficiency: The fleet managers can track the performance of their vehicles through viAct’s fleet trackers. These trackers can monitor the tank level, and excessive idling; report vehicle usage hours; detect inefficient driving habits like hard acceleration; track leaky fuel lines and so on. Such instances are then notified to the stakeholders in real-time, who can track such behavior anytime, anywhere and make better informed decisions to increase fuel efficiency for heavy construction equipment.

  • Protect the Fleet Assets: viAct uses GPS tracking system to monitor the construction fleet vehicles. viAct’s GPS fleet trackers, allow stakeholders to view the live location of their vehicles and other asset details on viAct’s mobile App or the web interface, anytime and anywhere. As soon as the tagged vehicle(s) enter(s) or leave(s) the designated zone, instant and real-time alerts are sent to the stakeholders via, texts, emails, or instant message. This provides an effective solution for construction fleet vehicle theft prevention.

How viAct’s Construction Fleet Management Solution Works?

How viAct’s Construction Fleet Management Solution Works?
How viAct’s Construction Fleet Management Solution Works?

viAct’s Construction Fleet Management solution can be used by the stakeholders by undergoing 3 very simple steps:

1. Use any IP Camera/CCTV camera already installed on site

2. Connect the camera(s) to viAct’s AI cloud, and the AI and computer vision powered camera will capture the real-time happenings in the jobsite

3. Monitor Your Jobsite, Anytime Anywhere through viAct’s mobile app or web interface


Want an effective Solution for Your Construction Fleet Operations? Let viAct offer you the solution.


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